Add Google Translation Bar favorite browser

If you get used to browse more on InternetCertainly often miss some pages written in other languages than the one (or ones) you (you) know / understand. A handy solution for such situations is undoubtedly already veteran Google! TranslateBut most times the translation is not done accurately, especially when the pages you want to translate are generated dynamically Java scripts.

Google! Translation Bar is app browsers (bookmarklet) Which translates in real time page "problem" in any language you like (preferably to and understand: P). To add Google! Translation Bar Internet Browser that you use, so Click on the following link (Google System Blog) And then uses drag & drop to integrate into your bookmarklet bookmark toolbar.

Google Translation Bar link.


Then when you need to translate a page written in a foreign language, please click the bookmarkletAnd at the top of the page will appear Google Translation Bar to give you a helping hand.


Translation nice! : P