All Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 7


are combinations of two or more keys (sometimes keystrokes + mouse click), which operated simultaneously execute a command that normally had to use mouse or access a menu. Keyboard shortcuts (Keyboard shortcuts) were designed specifically to save timeBut they are very useful when we deal with a defective mouse. Key combinations can be used both in Windows andKeyboard Shortcuts in Windows 7 & Software in almost all programs installed on Windows (Adobe, Paint, Word, Calculator, Etc ...).

After almost two years, when was still in beta phase, we present a Most are combinations of key Win.
These days we found . Com o interesting list of shortcutsSites (keyboard shortcuts) available operating systems Microsoft Windows 7.

- Ease of Access keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7

Ease of Access keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7

- General keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7

General keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7

List of keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7, Includes:

- Dialog box keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7
- Windows logo key keyboard shortcuts
- Windows Explorer keyboard shortcuts
- Taskbar Keyboard Shortcuts
- Magnifier keyboard shortcuts
- Remote Desktop Connection keyboard shortcuts
- Paint keyboard shortcuts
- WordPad Keyboard Shortcuts
- Computer keyboard shortcuts
- Windows Journal keyboard shortcuts
- Windows Help viewer keyboard shortcuts

Windows 7 Tip - Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 7.


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