btdna.exe (BitTorrent DNA)

btdna.exe has been long used by the client BitTorrent (Automatically installed it) as carrier of peer-to-peer content (peer-to-peer content distribution network). How long was your BitTorrent open, visible accelerate this process (in most cases) speed download si uploadBut remain open in the system and after tasks download (After closing the torrent client) btdna.exe became dangerous. Much has been written for and appeared much controversy on this process mariginea suspected vulnerability network level.

On the new version of BitTorrent, btdna.exe no longer present, but users who use older versions and want separate uninstall this process can be very simple:

1. Start -> Run

2. Copy / Paste -> C: \ Program Files \ DNA \ btdna.exe "/ UNINSTALL -> Enter or OK.

.. or directly from Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs.

btdna.exe is a vital process (core) operating system Windows.

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