Burn. 7 ISO image files in Windows (Windows Disc Image Burner)

Did you know that the Windows 7 no longer need Black, Ultra ISO or any other ISO burner software to write ISO images / IMG pe CD / DVD?
Windows Disc Image BurnerIs an application (feature) The Windows 7, which allows us to write ISO image (an game program operating system packed. ISO) to a CD or DVD.

How to burn the ISO image in Windows 7.

1. First you must have a DVD / CD blank that you fit the ISO image files to be written.

2. Insert a blank DVD. Blank recordable disc. (Ignore box Autoplay. )

3. Do right-click the ISO image (in my case, OFFICE2003.iso) To be copied, and in the menu that opens select "Open with"-> Windows Disc Image Burner.

burn iso winodws 7

4. Disc Image Burner Windows partition that you select the DVD / CD (if you have multiple DVD-Writers), then press Burn.

windows image burner

You can select "Verify disc after burning"To ensure that ISO image was not written with errors.

Upon completion of the writing process, the disc is ejected automatically.

How to burn ISO files in Windows 7. Windows Disc Image Burner