Upgrade PHP on CentOS 5.1.x PHP 5.3 5.6

Most CMSSites, including Have the minimum requirement for installing to a newer version of 5.1.x pe . The tutorial below will show you some simple steps that can be upgrade from version PHP 5.1.x to PHP 5.3 pe   5.6.

1. First you need to stop Web Server. (Httpd service)

service httpd stop

2. Delete packages PHP 5.1.x installed on the server.

yum remove php php-*

3. After you receive confirmation that PHP packages are deleted from the server, go to install packages PHP 5.3.

yum install php53.i386
yum install php53-bcmath.i386
yum install php53-cli.i386
yum install php53-common.i386
yum install php53-dba.i386
yum install php53-devel.i386
yum install php53-gd.i386
yum install php53-imap.i386
yum install php53-intl.i386
yum install php53-ldap.i386
yum install php53-mbstring.i386
yum install php53-mysql. I386
yum install php53-odbc.i386
yum install php53-pdo.i386
yum install php53-pgsql.i386
yum install php53-process.i386
yum install php53-pspell.i386
yum install php53-snmp.i386
yum install php53-soap.i386
yum install php53-xml.i386
yum install php53-xmlrpc.i386

Or even more simply, install all packages php53 *.

install php53 *

4. Start Apache Web Server

service httpd start

Packages php53-pear, php53-mcrypt, php53-Mhash, php53-ODP, php53-pecl-apc si php53-pecl-memcache not available CentOS 10.

Finally check PHP5.3 version was installed successfully. Create a. Php (eg info.php.) That have:

phpinfo ();

phpinfo (INFO_MODULES);


Climb file to the server and access the address of the Firefox, , or any other web browser. The result should be:

php info

You can see which version of PHP is installed in the server and command line: php-v or "yum list installed | grep php"(Displays all PHP packages installed).

yum list installed php

- Upgrade / Install PHP on 5.3 CentOS 5.6 .