cleanmgr.exe - Disk Space Cleanup Manager

cleanmgr.exe (Disk Space Cleanup Manager) Is a tool (application) that is found on all operating systems Windows Microsoft (Including Windows View si Windows 7). In Windows Task Manager, You will not see this process to run on his own. Can be released to you (voluntarily) in Run box, Or ask to be released when space on the system partition (HDD) is insufficient for the operating system running under normal conditions.

Here's what happens when space on partition C: (Which is installed Windows XP) Is insufficient ...

Low disk spaceMessage in the upper right corner warn us that we have enough space and invites us to delete files we do not need.

"Low Disk Space - You are running very low on disk space on Local Disk (C :). To free space on this drive by old deleting unnecessary files, Click here.... "

From here enter the game cleanmgr.exe. Once launched, it will scan and search for files that can be deleted from the system partition.


After completing the scan, it will open a box with two tabs. In the first tab (Disk Cleanup), you have the option to delete files from the disk (such as: Temporary Files, Recycle Bin, Temporary Internet Files ... etc).

disk cleanup

After selecting the file, press OK to start the cleaning process.


If deleting these files does not solve any problem partition the space in the tab "More Options", you can remove components of WindowsSite, installed programs or points restore ().

more cleanup

Up to Elim components of Windows, looking first remove your software programs installed that is taking up space on your hard drive, and that you can miss work without affecting your computer.