How can we open a video file player. NSV on Mac OS X?


View a video extension . NSV (Nullsoft Streaming Video) On Mac OS X , Is very simple and fast. Just download, To install MPlayer operating system Mac OS X and follow the very simple steps.

1. Install MPlayer OSX . Basically just need to drag file.dmg in your Applications folder. 'Applications"

2. Double-click on video file which has a.NSV (Video.nsv for example), then click the button "Choose Application ..."To warn of the window that opened.


3. In the box that opens, navigate to the folder Applications, select from the list of applications MPlayer OSX and press OK .


4. Now you can see a video file. NSV, with MPlayer on an operating system Mac OS X .

Enjoy! :)


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Comment from: How we can open a video file player. NSV on Mac OS X? #
  1. LEX says:

    A small correction ...
    "Basically just need to drag file. Dmg in the folder applications"
    It. Dmg must open (double-click on it) and copied MPlayer OSX application (which is in the disk image) in the Applications folder. Another good player (in my opinion better than MPlayer) is VLC ...


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