How can completely uninstall an application in Windows without using special Uninstallers

Each user Windows install and uninstall - more often or less often - various applications pe operating system in use. Also, most of them already know that uninstallerele provided by the application itself, usually not Total uninstall programs that we want to escape, but leave their traces in the form of Folder, files or Registry. These traces are completely useless users even become harmful - it difficult operation and speed up your computer - When they gather from many uninstalled programs. For such cases there are special Uninstallers who claim (and some even demonstrate) that can completely uninstall an application when you no longer need it. But how can we solve the problem if we do not feel comfortable using a third application to complete the uninstall?

Total Uninstall applications installed in Windows without resorting to uninstallers.

The first step is Uninstalling Your Control Panel (Program and Features in Windows 7 or ViewOr Add / Remove Programs in XP).


Then type in turn % Programfiles% si % Appdata% in Run (Or Search site Your Start Menu) And give Enter.

If you find any of the folders found folders named uninstalled applications or their manufacturers name (eg Firefox si Mozilla), Delete them (users systems 64 bit are advised to check in Program Files (x86) for applications that do not have special 64-bit versions are installed in this folder).


To delete registry install applications, Open Registry Editor (Type regedit in Run or Search site Your Start Menu) And search for names of manufacturers such applications or these key sites:


Then delete any subkey or entry containing the name (use Ctrl + F to find them easier). 64-bit versions users will have to check and the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432Node (But pay attention to key sites and will delete entries that was not important for the proper functioning of your computer or any of the applications installed in the system yet. Therefore, we recommend that before making changes to registry, To make a backup of their).


After you have finished cleaning and registry systemMore remains to get rid of temporary files. To do this type % Temp% in Run or Search site Your Start MenuThen remove subfolders and files in the folder will open (ie Temp).


If the attempt to delete temporary files, some of which give errors, Give Skip it is possible that they are files of some applications they use or services running in Windows.

And ready. By following these instructions, you can completely uninstall any application you no longer want to use.

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