How can install drivers without digital signature in Windows 8

Sometimes when you try to install drivers in Windows 8, We get error messages we say either "A digitally signed driver is required"Or that"The driver installation failed". While the previous systems Windows not met these requirements and / or errors Windows 8 trying to impose users only installing drivers with digital signature, And although it could eventually mean a good thing (more security and certainly not installed System drivers inappropriate) Can become a problem when trying to connect new devices the system (such as certain Android devices), And Windows does not want to install drivers for this nation of the reasons listed above. Yet there is a way that users Windows 8 can install digitally unsigned drivers Diaries devices, and the solution is in the instructions below.

How to install drivers without digital signature Windows 8?

  • open menu Charms in Start Screen and click on Settings, Then the Change PC Settings


  • in the setup menu click General
  • in section Advanced Startup (Where we find options for modifying startup), click on the Restart now

Advanced-Windows startup 8

  • selected from the menu Troubleshoot

Windows-Startup-menu 8

  • then go to Advanced options> Startup Settings


  • After restart, you will see a menu options, Press 7 key to boot in Windows 8 cu verifying the digital signature option disabled drivers

7 startups

And ready. After restart you can install the necessary driversWith or without digital signatureWithout the Windows resisting. Success!

STEALTH SETTINGS - How to install digitally unsigned drivers in Windows 8