How can reset Windows 8 cache to speed up system

One of the reasons that your system moves more difficult in some cases is probably cache too "busy". Although reset the system cache operating Windows not guarantee its supersonic speed (response speed of a computer depends primarily configuration and compatibility it with version Windows Installed computer), in most cases the result is a significantly improved OS speed.

In Windows 8 situation is slightly more complicated because the two interfaces present in this operating system, namely Desktop, applications si feature's "legacy" Your systems Windows previousAnd new metro interfaceWith Start Screen, tile sites and other feature new sites like Charms Bar, Windows Store si modern applications available to it, which means that it is necessary Reset cache for both "average" work.

Reset cache Desktop and native applications (browsers, Windows Explorer, Tools, etc..)

  • Use Disk Cleanup to reset Cache Thumbnails (And the free space hard drive). To open Disk Cleanup in Windows 8 cleanmgr type in Start Screen and hit Enter.

clean-thumbnail cache

  • Use Command Prompt to reset DNS Cache and Fix connection Internet (Sometimes even if the connection is active, navigation problems may occur in Internet and loading web pages). Open an cmd with administrator privileges (Type cmd in Start Screen, Right click on it and select Run as administrator), Then type the command ipconfig / flushdns and give Enter


  • create a shortcut to reset Memory Cache using instructions here.


Reset cache interface and modern applications (Windows Store, Modern IE, Live Tile, Modern Search)

  • Use Run to reset the cache for Windows Store (Use the key combination Windows + R to open RunAnd then tap WSReset.exe and give OK). Application Store will open and display "The cache was cleared for the store. You Can now browse the store for apps ".

message store-cache

  • Use settings Charms Bar to reset the cache for modern version of Internet Explorer (Open Modern IE using the tile Your Start ScreenThen move the mouse in the upper right corner of the screen to display Charms menu and click on Settings icon, Then select Internet Options from the menu). In Internet Explorer Settings click on the Delete under Delete Browsing History.

-delete browsing history

  • use all Charms Bar to reset the cache for Live Tile Links (Open Charms in Start Screen, Then click on Settings> Tiles). The right pane displays the Home Screen click on the Clear under Clear tiles for my personal info.


  • Also, in Charms Bar You can reset the cache and Modern Search (Use Windows + C to open Charms, Then click on Settings> PC Settings). In section Search the settings, click on Delete history sub Search history in Windows.


Using methods described above to reset the system cache operating manual you will see a improvement in response speed it, and also a more stable connection (Or functional) internet.

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