How do you turn off unnecessary system services [Windows 7]

are those small applications running in background each operating system, Most be responsible for the proper functioning and its applications / programs installed (Core Services). But some of these services are useless, Working "in blank" (or awaiting certain auxiliary componentss such as printers, faxes, routers etc.) and hence resource consuming nothing. Therefore we recommend Disabling these services to increase system performance Your

To disable a service (attention! If you are unfamiliar with system services good description of study to be sure that you will not disable services vital to system function operating) follow the steps below:

  • open Services (Type services.msc in Search software and files in Start Menu and give Enter)


  • locate the service (or services) you want to disable and double-click it to open Properties


  • in tab General change the Startup type (Startup Type) For service in Disable then click on Apply si OK.


Repeat for all the services that you want to disable (or if you want to reactivated service)

Pay attention to the services disabled to not wake up the system boot impossibility of afterwards!

Note: This tutorial was made on an operating system Ultimate.