How to format a USB stick NTFS in Windows XP

Although lately USB sticks have reached storage space enough, in they can not be formatted only FAT or (Known as the FAT / FAT32 transfer limit is 4GB / file - For example, you can not transfer to a FAT formatted USB stick game over 4GB). But a small tweak the system can help you format your USB stick and . Which shows many advantages (primarily the security - You can assign NTFS format permissions different depending on the files and users or can encrypt files using XP's; Can compress files thus saving space, you can create partitions), And small disadvantages (systems Linux or versions Windows older Windows 2000 can not read NTFS formatted file system, files encrypted on NTFS formatted USB stick can be accessed only by the user, default PC on which it was encrypted).

To NTFS format a USB stick, Connect the device to the PC, then right click on My Computer and select Manage. Then click on Device Manager and open sub menu Disk Drives. Right-click on USB drive (Generic USB Flash Disk USB Device), Select Properties and go to the tab Policies. Of the two options displayed, select Optimize for performance (Default is selected Optimize for quick removal) Then click OK.

USB device manager

This option activates the drive write caches, Allowing formatting it as NTFS.

After enabling this option, go to My ComputerRight-click on the USB drive and select Format. In sub menu File System you will see the option to format NTFS.


And that's it! ;) Now you have a NTFS formatted USB stick.