Opening files. DOCX &. DOCM, with MS Office Word 2003.


Once the device Microsoft Office 2007Was introduced and a new termination / extension files "document"Office Word 2007
. DOCX Represents replacement extension . DOC From Office Word 2003 , Both displaying a document file.
A file document saved with . DocxCan not be viewed in Office Word 2003 or another older version of Word, unless it is converted into a file. Dock. On the net there are many sites that offer this service conversion (in. Docx to. Doc) online, but this method is very fast and very safe. Basically, you send a file. Dock (which might contain private data / confidential) to an uncertain destination.
Microsoft provides a simple solution for users of MS Office Word 2003 who want to open. DOCX.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Is an update that installs Office over 2003 (Or over an older version of Office) and helps to view files. Docx.
All you have to do is to is known installThe Compatibility Pack.

Download :

Besides 2007 MS Office files, Office Compatibility Pack allows opening files Excel si PowerPoint 2007On versions MS Office 2007 older.

Installation :

After you download ""The computer will find a file named"FileFormatConverters.exe. "Double-click on it and in the window that opens, tick next to "Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms", then click "Continue".

docx install

Wait a few moments until a box appears on the screen that says "The installation is complete. "Click"OK"And ready. Now you can open files. Docx and. Docm with other Veriuni of MS Office, older than 2007.

docx 2

"Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats 2007 " Can be installed on Windows XP and the Windows Vista .


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  1. mihai says:

    I 2010 office installed on vista ultimate 7.
    a user without admin rights when opening word the cursor blincane and rotates endlessly ... but works normally .... only and only this user ... word ... or mouse appears normal in both word (for other users) and in win for all users including this ...
    how do I reset?
    Thanks in advance

  2. [...] To open the document in Microsoft Word 2003, you must install the compatibility pack Office Word 2007 that will allow open .docx documents. Find here a tutorial that will help you learn how you can open and edit a .docx file in Microsoft Office 2003 Opening .docx & .docm files with MS Office Word 2003. [...]

  3. Nicu says:

    doing a great job!
    ff thanks a lot!

  4. Thanks for the info! I was useful

  5. CLAUDIA says:

    I did it myself. THANK muuuulti ADI

  6. dora cupsenar says:

    I really need a table but appear docx, we applied the directions and it worked. Thank you

  7. Sherry Moon says:

    Thank you! Now install it, I hope to go

  8. ligapariorilor says:

    This converter is available and unlicensed office?

  9. John says:

    Not going to install it :)
    I see "The installation of this package failed ..
    What can I do in this case?

  10. costy says:

    thanks a lot!!! I've been a big help! Keep up the good work!

  11. spoon says:

    ms ptr help


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