dllhost.exe (Microsoft DCOM DLL Host Process)

If a check routine (recommended for "health" of your system ;)) give over the dllhost.exe nestingheritin running system do not worry (too much). This process belongs Microsoft and it is integrated by all operating systems Windows (OS-initialized file - That is the process executed Windows to run at every boot).

Dllhost.exe is a system process important for applications that are based operation dll files (Ie the majority) and, especially, for correct functioning of operating systems Windows. Termination and / or disable this process inevitably leads to system crashes (Crashes) damage to registry si file system damage.

However dllhost.exe can be as well a process malware (Legitimate dllhost.exe process has only location C: \Windows\ System32, If you find a folder called process Wins, Drop it immediately because it most certainly is trojan!), Since they tend to use names very similar to those of legitimate system processes to induce users in error. If notice multiple instances of dllhost.exe running at the same time in your PC or if you notice a high resource consumption by this process, then we recommend performing a Quick scans retail system!