Download Firefox Beta 4.0 1 - Soon final version?


I hope the final version will not be a version that even convince me that you have to change my default browser. In recent days I try to get reobisnuiesc with , To which I gave Browser ago 3-4 years for the si .

I shot a little with the `Ochiu FTPFrom site Mozilla Firefox and I see that on 30-June-2010 worked in a folder named 4.0b1-Candidates.

firefox 4

As far as I can see is working hard on new job Mozilla Firefox 4But in my opinion I think that at this stage of development Beta 1 are more copies than working to develop new browser. After I installed Firefox Beta 4 not know what browser I opened. Opera or Firefox.

Firefox and Opera

It seems that Firefox has worked hard to GUI (graphical part) that really looks good. It is identical to Opera. Mozilla promises though the final version will look different. Probably .

I have nothing more to say about this new version, but besides feeling that Firefox will lose the fans will pick and process the Opera (If you look the same the final version).

firefox pilot

The attention of those who want to test Firefox Beta 4.

1. Before installing this new version will advise its own experts to activate the default theme in Firefox 3.6.x and will disable all add-ons. Use a theme "Office Black" and after I installed Firefox Beta 4 found myself no longer any option :).

2. Install the add-on "Add-on Compatibility Reporter " (download).

3. Not tortured to view content WebGL. Even if it is implemented in this new version comes disabled by default.

4. If you use Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox browser 3.6.6, it is time to switch to Firefox 4.

5, Download Firefox Beta 4 1. Success! :)


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24 Comments: Download Firefox Beta 4.0 1 - Soon final version? #
  1. CR15T1 says:

    well not occurred version (stable ...... or not!) 4.0.1 that already appeared 5.0 beta version 1
    not understand anything .... or they want to win 8 for ...: -?

  2. CR15T1 says:

    Hallelujah ... more bn of 9 months we 4.oo final version of mozilla firefox

  3. CR15T1 says:

    RC4.0 1 yesterday appeared firefox ...
    occur slowly 4 final version???, or 5?? / After 12 beta

  4. CR15T1 says:

    appeared beta 12

  5. CR15T1 says:

    yes yes yes, the beta 11 them here:>:>
    is again some improvements ...: X
    * Support for the proposed Do Not Track ("DNT") header
    * Connection status messages Shown is now in a small overlay
    * WebGL has Been re-enabled on Linux
    * The default homepage design has Been Refreshed
    * Firefox no longer switches into offline mode automatically

  6. CR15T1 says:

    and beta 10 already appeared .... with improvements:
    - Compatibilty and stability Improvements When using Adobe Flash on Mac OS X
    - Improvements in memory usage
    - Support for a graphics driver blacklist to Improve Stability
    to see if it `s even

  7. Happy Birthday! Beta 8 :)

  8. CR15T1 says:

    omg ... how many betas are these d from firefox to beta came out today .... 6
    After beta 5 also appeared a 3.6.9 ... I'm curious though when he comes 4 final version!

  9. CR15T1 says:

    Yesterday, 7 September, the new beta version 5 d is available for download in firefox
    knd is the final version: -? ????

  10. CR15T1 says:

    4 appeared firefox beta 4:>

  11. [...] The final release 4.0 Firefox version 3.6 also received an update these days. Firefox [...]

  12. Mitza_003 says:

    @ Vincent: You're right when you say no herd effect. the truth is that many people take things from hearsay and praise them even if they have no business with them. by this I mean that any nub put in their computer software "recommended" to friends and so on. The Firefox (like me) have a good enough reason to use it. for me would be add-ons without which simply browsing and work would not go so easily. I put on my blog a comparative test between browsers, not just test 100% conclusive, but left with some comments. use firefox, but when I run web design project and work to see how the shows work. currently operate the current version is more performance than the firefox. if you want speed when surfing the internet I recommend you put chrome or safari.

    From the picture above you can see clear similarities between the two browsers. Obviously the final version will not look you have right now. I personally expect the next update to see how it shows. Addicts browser extensions understand me very well. About anything we need can be integrated in firefox.

  13. vicentiu says:

    edit: problems that you might avoid :)

  14. vicentiu says:

    My advice is to look at it that cabbage browser. everyone complains that he and height everything he says as the world's best. it's fashionable to say you do not like IE. herd effect ........ internet explorer will not meet it. but I think you have some sort of masochism in you think. would like to fix that you could easily avoid

  15. nelush says:

    Hi there,
    I installed Firefox 4.0 beta, but I have a big problem and that you ask for help in solving it. When I open the browser, navigate 10-net 15 minutes then freezes and I says "server not found". You must reboot to return to normal, then the same thing happens. Please tell me what to do, I have problems?
    Thank you.

    • stealth says:

      @ Nelush
      My advice is to go back to version 3.6.6 or 3.6.4. I did not trust 4.0 beta, just because it is beta and has all sorts of flaws (and error that just makes you say give me right). I do not know how to help you, but you could give feedback on firefox and hopefully final version 4.0 this error will not occur.

  16. DannutZ says:

    That's what I thought and I do not think they'll leave with many incompatibilities than the other versions, I was expecting as many opinions from users and regulates them, I'm sure of it ... it might last for a while, but I'm sure something good will out eventually.

  17. DannutZ says:

    Flock fololesc him about the same time with firefox nor chrome I do not really thrills me, but on some sites, I use it even moves pretty fast compared to others, this is a good alternative in case you disappoint me firefox 4.0, yet I decided to give him ... yet, still waiting for the final version.

  18. Valentin says:

    It's good but strikingly resembles the work of some add-onsuri working properly

  19. DannutZ says:

    Opera 100%, if you get so safe passing Chrome final version, but wait a minute, who knows.

  20. vicentiu says:

    varzilla tell me about it :))


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