Download Internet Explorer 9 final version (RTM IE9)


A year without launching the first day preview al Internet Explorer 9 (Ie it occurred on March 16 2010) Microsoft and finally launched Final version (RTM) Of this InternetBrowser. Praised as one of the fastest browsers IE9 has had great success since the time of testing, versions beta si RC registering a large number of downloads and also the appreciation (and criticism, of course) from users.


Between characteristics IE9Specified in , Remember now just a few:

  • can secure web pages Taskbar (Pinning)
  • tabs flexible
  • HTML5
  • navigation easier and faster (hardware accelerated browsing)

Download Internet Explorer 9 RTM (offline Installers)


Windows 7 x86.

Windows 7 x64.

Windows Vista x86.

Windows Vista x64.

Note: IE9 compatible only with Windows Vista si Windows 7. XP variant is not available.

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6 Comments: Download Internet Explorer 9 final version (RTM IE9) #
  1. dorel says:

    Better. IE9 I uninstalled it seemed to be moving pretty slow to start and now it can not finish installing my instalez.Nu, I write you can not finish instalarea.V would be grateful if you could help me Thank sfaturi.Va something.

  2. Resolved. Thank you!

    It seems that Microsoft changed the download links for Windows Internet Explorer 9 distribution 7 x86 & x32.

  3. Bullshit says:

    Link for w7 x 64 not work.

  4. Alex says:

    I do not go numa link download for windows 7 on 64 or not good link u?

  5. dorel says:

    good go to IE9 download link for W7 * 64.


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