Download Screengrab! Add-on for Firefox 7.0.1


Screengrab! is one of the best add-onSites screenshots for .

Site allows us to capture (screenshot) Web pages that open in . Add-on allows you to capture the entire web page open in the browser visible area and / or a specific web page frame.

ScreenGrab - Firefox Add-Ons

With the two options "Save"And"Copy"We can save On the or paste on because then we can give "Pasta"In a document or in a image editor.

Unfortunately in the official gallery this add-on is not compatible . We managed to make a small change in the source Screengrab! for future install and use the Firefox 7.0.1 .

Download Screengrab! to Firefox 7.0.1

{FileLink = 16}


1. Download file Screengrab-0.96.3-fx.xpi
2. Drag the file (drag & drop) in Add-ons Manager > Extensions.

Attention! After you install the "version" is no longer possible to get updates when a new release new releases (Version which belong to the author of law).

- Download Screengrab! Extension for Firefox 7.0.1


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  1. [...] Firefox Add-onDownloaded 463 timesMai more information about Screengrab! find the "Download Screengrab! Add-on for Firefox 7.0.1 ". Advertisements LIKE!:) (Function () {var [...] Reply n7xus.bat says: October 0, 1 at 192304: 192304 Fortunately for those who use Firefox 192304 there an addon like Screengrab namely Screenshoter 5630. One thing to do after installing ie brought in Menu Bar icon. Right click on the Menu Bar Free> Customize and choose an apartment there with the camera icon on the Menu Bar pull a mouse. Click Here Screenshoter 1.01 Reply Stealth Settings says: October 7, 0 at 1: 191841 I have not tested Screenshoter, but I tested a few that after saving the image capture on a website for photo processing. At Screengrab! I liked it's simple and effective. Thanks for the alternative. This is the test! :) Reply n7xus.bat says: October 0, 1 at 191846: 191846 I guess it's LightShot (screenshot tool) 191846. With this addon really can climb on a website screenshot photo editing online. It has a small disadvantage, not knowing to capture the whole web page open in browser captures only the selected area. Click Here LightShot (screenshot tool) 2.0.1 A very interesting addon for those who want to make a capture entire web pages in PDF format and Save as PDF 1.5. This addon besides do, capture web pages in PDF format, preserves and links, active links within the PDF document. This is great for those who collect interesting pages on the net, a small personal library in PDF format. Click Here Save as PDF 1.5 The final conclusion I want to say a thing about this site. It's great, and extremely well documented. Very good, is one of my favorite sites. </ B Reply Stealth Settings says: October 7, 0 at 1: 191850 Interesting add-on that allows you to either save the page in PDF. Useful for those who want to quickly remove courses. Reply comments Add-on for Firefox 7.0.1 ">

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