Download Screengrab! Add-on for Firefox 7.0.1

Screengrab! is one of the best add-onSites screenshots for .

Site allows us to capture (screenshot) Web pages that open in . Add-on allows you to capture the entire web page open in the browser visible area and / or a specific web page frame.

Screengrab - Firefox Add-Ons

With the two options "Save"And"Copy"We can save On the or paste on because then we can give "Pasta"In a document or in a image editor.

Unfortunately in the official gallery this add-on is not compatible . We managed to make a small change in the source Screengrab! for future install and use the Firefox 7.0.1 .

Download Screengrab! to Firefox 7.0.1

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1. Download file Screengrab-0.96.3-fx.xpi
2. Drag the file (drag & drop) in Add-ons Manager > Extensions.

Attention! After you install the "version" is no longer possible to get updates when a new release new releases (Version which belong to the author of law).

- Download Screengrab! Extension for Firefox 7.0.1