Vista Theme for Windows 7 [Download]

After launching the first version of Windows 7, Many users Windows ViewWho could not or did not want to install Windows 7, Have sought even to change GUI (theme) Vista operating system, in that the Windows 7. Appeared many versions of graphical themes (Windows style & themes) To change completely default theme a Windows VistaIn that the Windows 7.
While most said they were fans's style Windows 7It seems that there are some who even installed Windows 7Would like it to look like Windows Vista. Windows Vista - Visual Style. In this case, it is necessary to change the graphical theme Windows 7.
The best solution (so far) is Windows Vista Theme for Windows 7. This completely changes the appearance of Windows 7, and make it look identical to Windows Vista.

Vista Visual Style

What you see in the screenshot above, is a Windows 7, which is applied to Windows Vista Visual Style.
To change the visual style of Windows 7 is enough to download archive below, and follow a few simple steps.

Download Windows Vista Theme for Windows 7

1. Patch-Watch system UxthemeThen restart the computer.
2. Copy the folder Vista VS and file . Theme in C: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes.
3. Double-click the theme file, or go to Appearance and Personalization \ Personalization to set new style of Windows 7.

Windows Vista Aero Theme (Visual Style) for Windows 7.
Stealth Settings