Find CPU temperature (CPU) without entering the BIOS. [Intel / AMD - Download]


In summer, the biggest problem PCSites / laptopSites is overheating Processor (CPU). When CoolerThe (fan) not cope and CPU temperature gets to be the limit imposed by BIOSThe computer automatically restarts or shuts down. Usually the CPU can stay warm several factors ...

1. The CPU cooler is full of dust and lint, Which prevents the fan to reach optimal speed to make CPU cooling. It is recommended to open the PC case and vacuum / clean fan.

2. Temperature of room / office exceeded 30 degreesAnd cooler air can not cool the CPU sent. For PCs whose housing allows mounting a additional cooler (Fan case) would be a solution.

3. Working with applications / Games CPU pushing close to the maximum (100%) Long. Maximum speed allowed the cooler is too small so they could make CPU cooling.

On most systems, to set maximum temperature and to see the temperatureUsers must enter the BIOS, Which means a restart and wasted time.
Here an application (hardware monitor) That requires no installation, and will help you learn real-time CPU temperature, maximum value allowed, frequent, Processor type / processors socketAnd as the percent (%) of the maximum capacity is requested CPU.


Core Tempis compatible on all operating systems Windows XPWiondows Vista si Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit).

List of processors for which this application can provide data:

AMD : Phenom / Phenom II series, Athlon64 series, Athlon64 X2 series, Athlon64 FX series, Turion64 series, Turion64 X2 series, Sempron series (K8) ...

Intel : I7 Core, Core i5 Initially, Core Duo, Single Core, Core Duo 2, 2 Core Quad Core Extreme 2, 400 & 500 Intel Celeron M, Celeron E1000, all Intel Pentium and Intel Xenons.

Core Temp is not compatible processors Pentium 4 / D.

Download: (0.99.4)

Which MAY DAMAGE DUE TO THE USE OF occure "Core Temp".



45 Comments: Find CPU temperature (CPU) without entering the BIOS. [Intel / AMD - Download] #
  1. Ionutz says:

    Core # 0: 35gr C # 1 Core: C 35gr almost everything that is good about??

  2. elnyn0 says:

    tj max to min is 100 degrees Core # 0: 40 and core # 1: 37 degrees? e bn to change some settings must

  3. aty says:

    I bought Saluare months now 2 Asus laptop intel core Ivy Bridge 73610ghz i2,3qm to Lucar in Autodesk 3ds max. Today during rendering cooler on very hot and the temperature at the 4 coreuri show me 90 degrees Celsius and was highlighted in yellow. If so let 7 hours a jump or be damaged laptop be talking with producer? or should I worry that if he overheats will automatically restart occurs only not nothing.

  4. Emasculatul says:

    Thanks for the information.

  5. laurentiu says:

    Hi, same problem with cooling know what was more suspicious in this situation Since I have a new cooler (dedicated to my 754 cocket and cool not better than the stock), I changed the paste several times and make sure they are good radiator and its clips ... what else can I do or what could be the culprit? has 2,4ghz working frequency, amd64, single core processor xp.poate be? thank

  6. spiritual says:

    hello. pc.ul crashes when I play a game or get on fb in the game, but I do not stay blocked long .. just 2 minutes then back and so on ...
    I show: Tj max. : 100 degrees C
    and core'urile not decrease the 70 ....

  7. elly. says:

    better! :) I just used the program, and I look about. 34 degrees is hot .. but .. siiii laptop, I have a problem. warms my smart-pad area. I asked people and they said it's not normal. (I have laptop 9 months began to warm SmartPad of ~ = one month ..) gracias xD

    • Danny says:

      First rnd should be checked if the pipe is not choked on a cooler, dust, lint, etc.. Usually some laptops there is positioned chipset motherboard. Go to a service to check it as soon as possible from several problems arise eg not going to see the HDD sometimes after several hours of operation will decrease the display brightness etc..

  8. Marius says:

    Better. Question I had and I've used Core Temp and look results
    1Procesor tj. max: 85 "C
    2 Core # o: 36 "C
    3 Core # 1: 33 "C
    How is the temperature of this PC? I cleaned dust coolers mention it but I have not opened .. waiting for reply ..

  9. salt says:

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN-ami N31M and processor temperature 70g show you right? thank temperature

  10. Cristi says:

    Hello, I can say to me cause my PC'ului about? Akum few days I noticed that my PC'ul restarts about 30 min and 2 hours (1 restart) I Pc'ul mention of 3 half years and my CPU temperature is 24-31 degrees

    • If the CPU is at normal temperature, cycling is probably the source. Go to a good service and solve your problem.

      • alina says:

        good and I would like to know if the processor can be a warming lp I read somewhere that when the processor heats up lp's tired and goes hard I want to know about in which way it is to know when to get go with him for repair

      • Boby says:

        Hi ami telling me if someone demands in order as the temperature is now Colouring of 36-37 (mention it's hot outside) degrees is okay? and I have something I forgot to tell you what that means TCAS Max 52 degrees That's maximu to my pc or what it may mean?

  11. AMD says:

    This morning my pc not know what was going full 4 coolers all those little from those 5000rpm and high temperature 3000rpm and I 36 PC processor to continue to decline

  12. cristianus says:

    I'm Temperatui in PC / CPU 56 55 66 50 48

  13. Cristi says:

    What does it mean when the screen suddenly everything is all blue and white monitor write something then do restart??? Something about the processor?

    • stealth says:

      is called Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and in principle is closely linked to errors of RAM (memory dump).

    • Alecs says:

      What I know is because of the video card because it happened and I am thinking I should go to a service or install or reinstall the video driver

  14. Albu says:

    About cooled PC is a whole theory. The thing is so simple that it can properly be described in a few and can not give some tips loosely.
    Those seeking help can contact me at the email address:
    We initiate a Remote Assistance session and see what it is, draw conclusions and find solve the problem together.

  15. Sall says:

    I have a problem with the computer temperature: ((: | ... I 34-degree temperature and CPU temperature 75grade: (I have an Intel Pentium 4 3.20Ghz 4GB of RAM Nvidia 6600GT ... and I 75 degrees temperature increase maximum 1h it's normal ... 75GRADE reach and remain akolo ..: (? mention 4ani pc ... k I need to change cooler?

    • Gaby says:

      Yes tr to change your cooler u .. I just happened to me ... me meet my date and I restart I changed and I have no problems aq

  16. andrei says:

    Please ajutatima I have problems with my computer shuts down suddenly when playing a game or watching a movie when you've got to do this program of yours and you are on a site 75 degrees show me what to do to not closes?

    • stealth says:

      of unit PC or laptop? however, it would be good to undo computer and clean cooler (fan that cools the CPU) dust. If you browse the Internet when the processor to 75 degrees, imagine that when you play a game or watch a movie or even 85 90 salt. laptops usually have protection from the processor, and if it jumps to a certain temperature (usually 85 degrees), close without warning. another solution would be a CPU cooler or a laptop stand with cooling.

  17. Robert says:

    and here am informative mile Core Temp shows:
    CPUID: 0x20FC2 .... APICID: 0 ..... Revision DH-E6 .... Processor: AMD Sempron 3000 + (Palermo) .... Freqquency: 1799.80MHz (199.98 × 9.0) .... Platform: Socket 754 ... VID: 1.4000V dc if I help paote cnv so much please leave here a commect PLEASE!!!

  18. Robert says:

    guys I have a problem with my pc ........................ reizsta to 60 degrees C and jokul on Carel jok I (cabal online) it seems to take a lot because of 10 horse-15 min is blokeaza (they give one restart) ajutatima and datimi one ide what to do PLS I crazy to do that ADK 3 days on 11martie

  19. K! LLaH says:

    uoooou, 65 degrees: |, I'm sitting in 34 in idle Core Duo 2 E7600. 50 video card in full load: | and I think many, 9600GT

  20. Matt says:

    the program did not work: |

  21. catalin says:

    I entered the BIOS and the PCU is 87 setpoints degrees C and mise close computer would be the problem? I cleaned the dust cularu

  22. claudiu says:

    I have AMD Turion 64 x2 and not temperature dropped below 60 thousand degrees, the windows 7 I mean, I know that shit to win these versions require more step than XP for example, well, I sit constantly at 80 90 degrees when it is wrought with 60 of any 4-5 processes and programs running ..... has anyone idea, need cleaned or is somewhat normal ....

  23. dd says:

    I look 65. normal?

  24. Phlo says:

    Brother Tj.max what?? the first box ... to show me the other 100 2% C, 40% aman2 is normal or what?

    • stealth says:

      @ Phlo
      Tj.max is accepted maximum temperature of the system (it reaches this temperature, the system suddenly stops). the other two "houses" are indicated current temperatures (ie once the use CoreTemp) of centers CPU (processor PC). 40% means that sit very well, I have them somewhere 65% (and I can brag that I live pretty well still ...). these temperatures vary depending on how many programs / applications at the same time you open or how much the programs open at that time (many resources Pope).

  25. Ygreck3 says:


  26. Ygreck3 says:

    I changed the coolant friend gave him a lot of money I luatrDITAMAI cooling sys border and nothing does face

  27. Ygreck says:

    Well the program that you have and we showed above shows me that reaches 115 degrees and closes computer

  28. Lately managed to get to 85 degrees. Temperature closes automatically. If you A300 Toshiba's important to put something to lift it from the back. I do not know who's phase but draw hot air from the table, compared to Toshiba A200 that is cold all the time :)

  29. carlos says:

    what temperature reaches? same processor and I

  30. Ygreck says:

    I um brother 4800 + amd dual core NIM porocesoru primu row heats up over the break .. I bought Freon cooling system gave a lot of money ... and just as tired mother does AMD face these sites are good but Heat is bad all over


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