Windows 7 Download: Update Video Card Drivers - Integrated Intel Graphics, nVidia GeForce & ATI

GUI Dynamic Windows View si Windows 7Makes most video drivers (video cards drivers) Of Windows XP is not compatible for these new systems. Many users who have installed Windows 7 on laptopSites and PCSites have contatat not enjoy graphics performance of this new operating system. Happy's style is not working Aero (Transparency) or more Games that ran on Windows XPNow can not be installed.
The solution to this problem lies in update or resettlement video drivers.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO CARD DRIVERS - Windows 7 & Windows Vista.

Intel Integrated Graphics (Intel Mobile 965 / X3100 (ThinkPad x61t, etc.).

- download video card driver - Windows 7 32 bit v15.11 - 64 bit v15.11 - These two drivers are manually installedAnd they are compatible and Windows Vista 32 & 64 bit.

nVidia Graphics Cards (NVidia GeForce 6, 7, 8 9 and 200 series)

- download nVidia video cards drivers - Windows 7 32 bit v182.50 - 64 bit v182.50 - Download the driver and install it manually. Compatibility: Windows 7 and Windows Vista

ATI Graphics Cards (ATI Radeon and other models in the PCSites and laptopSites)

- Download ATI Video Cards drivers - &

It supplemental oncological security for laptop owners to install these drivers (ATI) via Device Manager and periodically to check if there are updates them.