Windows 7 Download: Update Video Card Drivers - Integrated Intel Graphics, nVidia GeForce & ATI


GUI Dynamic Windows Vista si Windows 7Makes most video drivers (video cards drivers) Of Windows XP not be compatible for these new systems. Many users who have installed Windows 7 pe laptopSites and PCSites have contatat not enjoy graphics performance of this new operating system. Happy's style is not working Aero (Transparency) or more Games that ran on Windows XPNow can not be installed.
The solution to this problem lies in update or resettlement video drivers.

DOWNLOAD VIDEO CARD DRIVERS - Windows 7 & Windows Vista.

Intel Integrated Graphics (Intel Mobile 965 / X3100 (ThinkPad x61t, etc.).

- download video card driver - Windows 7 32 bit v15.11 - 64 bit v15.11 - These two drivers are manually installedAnd they are compatible and Windows Vista 32 & 64 bit.

nVidia Graphics Cards (NVidia GeForce 6, 7, 8 9 and 200 series)

- download nVidia video cards drivers - Windows 7 32 bit v182.50 - 64 bit v182.50 - Download the driver and install it manually. Compatibility: Windows and Windows Vista 7

ATI Graphics Cards (ATI Radeon and other models in the PCSites and laptopSites)

- Download ATI Video Cards drivers - &

It supplemental oncological security for laptop owners to install these drivers (ATI) via Device Manager and periodically to check if there are updates them.



27 Comments on: Windows 7 Download: Update Video Card Drivers - Integrated Intel Graphics, nVidia GeForce & ATI #
  1. leandro says:

    Hola, Tengo one problem he con hack, y todo lo repeal bien, pero entro of juego Cuando Me Activo y lo dice: He will be pudo iniciar driver reinicie su por favor computadora him up Windows 7 qe qe tengo hacer?

  2. sadasda says:

    hiii ya D burdan Indira işte

  3. bubu45 says:

    Hi guys I have a problem sitting CAN get games like metin 2 gives me oeroara that says "Sorry, your system does not support graphics 3d hardwer please check you system configuration and THEN try again" on what to do wundous 7

  4. ion3l says:

    Guys want help from you I have a toshiba laptop and Miami win7 ultimate installed but not installed
    Vidio plate remained uninstalled varog ajutatima with vruin advice .............

    • stealth says:

      what video card has?

    • gabi says:

      Sorry, we tried many times to install the video card with the applications that you gave me but it did not work. I managed to download a program from a website and mia showed there needs a certain driver but to buy it had to give £ 250 I think it's huge but that's it! By the way my video card is RADEON HD GRAPHICS 6370M 512MB Thanks for trying to help me!

  5. gabi says:

    Come on guys I need some help I have a asus leptop x52j and I recently installed win 7 remained uninstalled video card I downloaded several drivers but did not work either any suggestions?

  6. Koko VasVas says:

    pffff, I want to play minecraft, but all I see "bad video driver"!
    I looked at a lot of videos on y tube and all, all I did was update the driver deie .... I tried to 1000 times but did not work.

    so if anyone knows what braid do add me on skype (VasVas Koko) or yahoo ( ) .....

    please help me!

  7. cosmin says:

    My idu cosminp1

  8. cosmin says:

    Hi I had xp ibm drive and installed on the win and now 7 resolution is great and nush what to do and help me please? min

  9. deenis says:

    Please'm nice having video driver for dell laptop external video card ATI Mobility Radeon 512 mark 4770 ........ ........................... sched vga graphics k1dstar13 please add me plzzzz give nice having to go on 7 bit Windows 64

  10. Marian says:

    Salut.Am I have a question. Before I installed my card was W7 Video 128 MB, and is now 64MB would have to install a driver to be back to 128MB BIOS there is no option.? . Video Card-Mobile Intel (R) Series Express Chipset Family 4. and leptop is Fujitsu Siemens

  11. nicu says:

    Hi, I have a question: what driver would be better to use for acer laptop with ATI 7736zg 4650: one from ATI or one recommended by ACER (which is from Nvidia). Briefly driver works better if you have the same brand as the plate? MS more

    • stealth says:

      @ Nicu
      nVidia drivers are good for Nvidia and ATI ATI ones. Acer laptops recommend nVidia driver for nVidia video cards, otherwise I can not imagine what was in their head: D. In short, using the ATI driver. good luck!

  12. Michael says:

    Know Why not go Nvidia? Because Windows 7 not support .. As I also had a problem with a Nvidia card so I will not go ...: (Naspa

    • stealth says:

      @ Michael
      depends on the motherboard. if it is an older model, most likely not compatible with Windows 7 driver. is valid for all video cards, not just the nvidia.

  13. ylye says:

    Hi ... I disagree, Windows 7 is very compatible with NVIDIA's here ... link that will convince ...

  14. max says:

    From what I see one 7 windows is not compatible Nvidia .. GeForce.
    And alexandra web messenger you will not fuction 10 tried and does not work Install ANY version of messenger 9 is much better and you will go

  15. havva says:

    yaa basilica maior güncelleme yapabilirim? yardımcı olur musunuz ...

  16. alexandra says:

    I have a problem I bought a computer with Windows installed 7 32 bit. I bought a webcam Microsoft LifeCam VX-700 and tried a video call on messenger 10 but I can not stand going say what can I do?????

  17. Eddie says:

    I have a very big problem .. I have a Vaio VGN-FE21H and I just installed Windows 7 .. everything is ok .. but I do not recognize the video card (GeForce Go 7400) and my Standard VGA Graphics Adapter it says I walked everywhere ... I take drivers .. I tried everything ... goes ... please if you can help me, what can I do? Thanks

    • Go to "Display adapters" which is VGA and give the uninstall. After restarting Windows will search for device drivers. You must take it and Windows Update, that if you have a motherboard problem and no longer sees all.

  18. Sorra says:

    7 32 bit Windows drivers you say access denied
    please if you can send me by mail a compatible driver to win 7 32 bit for you express 1150
    please more!

  19. 2peu says:

    It does not work on windows 7, says he does not support this system. and I do not go well with the Windows drivers. What to do??

    • admin says:

      Enter the manufacturer's website and look there drivers you need. "It does not work on windows 7 ..." See what video card you ... and let the operating system for now. :)


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