Windows Vista and Windows 7 in your language (Romanian included)


Most computers on the Romanian market Windows Vista or Windows 7 preinstalled with interface in RomanianBut there are some users who have purchased computers with Home Premium of these operating systems have included the Romanian language pack. For those who use the Home Premium and want an interface Vista /Windows 7 in Romanian, there is a very simple solution. A little program that downloads from the official site Microsoft desired language and installed on your system
This program is not only dedicated to the Romans. Can be installed over 35 languagesAnd is compatible all distributions de Windows Vista si Windows 7 (Home Premium, Ultimate, Basic, Enterprise, etc @ Vista MS) and 32 64 bit.

-> Arabic
-> Bulgarian
-> Chinese (Simplified)
-> Chinese (Hong Kong SAR)
-> Croatian
-> Czech
-> Danish
-> Dutch
-> English
-> Estonian
-> Finnish
-> French
-> German
-> Greek
-> Hebrew
-> Hungarian
-> Italian
-> Japanese
-> Korean
-> Laitvis
-> Lithuanian
-> Norwegian
-> Polish
-> Portuguese (Brazil)
-> Portuguese (Portugal)
-> Romanian
-> Russian
-> Serbian (Latin)
-> Slovak
-> Slovenian
-> Spanish
-> Swedish
-> Thai
-> Turkish
-> Ukrainian


As you can see in the picture above, there is no chance to get lost in the program settings. It is very easy to use by anyone. All you have to do is to click the "Add language" and add the desired language. After you have added language, go under "Installed languages", select language and press "Change language".

This program requires no installation. Download the archive , Unzip and run Vistalizator.exe.

Features soft:

- Change the language of the operating system Vista / Windows 7 5 in less than minutes

- Use original language packs Microsoft Windows Vista si Microsoft Windows 7.

- You can install more than 35 languages ​​and easily you can change anytime.

- Compatible Windows Vista / Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.

- Compatible with all distributions of Windows Vista, Vista SP1, Vista and Windows 2 SP7



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  1. [...] In English. Compared with the Romanian language pack for Windows XP and the Romanian language pack for Windows Vista, the Windows 7 comes as optional updates in Windows Update Center. It is a simple variant of [...]

  2. zhaaa says:

    on 7 Home Premium sp1 not work at all?

  3. BurNN says:

    I have Windows Home Premium SP7 1 64bit in Italian and goes ... anything that could help me to change language in English or Romanian you do not know?

  4. petrina says:

    I do not know English, it is difficult for me

  5. Poster12Man says:

    I installed Windows Vista Home Basic (32 Bit) and I downloaded Vistalizator and why not go ¿How to ¿step HELP: ((

    • florina says:

      You must download and language (Romania) or that you want to install, but windowsu must be installed in engleza.numai so it translates.

    • florina says:

      If you do not know any English it's hard.

    • Poster12Man says:

      Okay, I do and I clicked there to HELP and Language finds that you select, we selected E and I appear to save, there are converts RO and works perfectly: D
      I put the Stealth Settings LIKE on Facebook; D

  6. Stan Alexandru says:

    Thanks nice. That's perfect.

  7. 3ll3 says:

    yah leeching him not appreciating nik: -? ????

  8. florina says:

    must install it in English it translates not only in my original 7 wind was in Greek and English was optional I normally installed in English then I downloaded Vistalizator and works perfectly in Romanian.

  9. gabr0 says:

    It does not work on Win 7 sp1!!!!!!

  10. nd13nutu says:

    Vistalizator wants to Win 7 Starter 32bits in Italian. Bprogramul not open. I do not know what to do help please!

  11. florina says:

    Thanks a lot, I installed the 7 home premium works perfectly.

  12. Thanks ever since looking for something like this

  13. andrei says:

    someone tells me an address where I can download for Windows 7 Romanian language (64-bit)? k so good to be me so I gave someone was not good! pls

  14. andrei says:

    I can help someone k p I've been trying to install Windows Update Romanian language, Romanian language I found the update option, a tick and give nustiu install so what gives me error, saying I can not install k! PLEASE HELP!

  15. trays says:

    I have a windows home premium 7 is in Italian ... How can I make it in English or in Romanian .... pls hep me: D

  16. desire: the sites of "specialty". Demonoid :)

  17. desire says:

    how do I get a free Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
    decoded look like that cracks etc ....????

  18. mariustim says:

    I went to ..... and I did just change language .... I owe you a beer ...

  19. nicu says:

    I am glad to go, I had in Greek ... only updates are disabled .. otherwise .. it's ok ..

  20. leo says:

    I tried to introduce Vistalizator Romanian, unsuccessfully because I SP2 vista and language list is only for vista SP1 although he has said and SP2, I think they forgot to put in all languages ​​vista SP2.
    Ask those entitled to fix the mistake, I do not know if you check someone or read my e-mail .......

    • stealth says:

      @ Leo
      language list has been updated, also Vistalizator 1.4 was replaced with the latest version, 2.3
      the date when the article was written, was not available for SP2 packs
      Thanks for the warning!

  21. Doros says:

    good and nice

  22. Andrew says:

    Someone help me, where are the languages?

  23. Click (download!)

  24. hell dark hunter says:

    nam him know where you download

  25. pepe says:

    I only go win xp on Italian and can not find any English patch sal do: ((. If you give this patch somehow add to pepe_pepe_boy. :))

  26. dani says:

    I put Romanian on a laptop with vista in Italian, but the Romanian version can not access almost anything "control panel" to even see your system, then change Mr. password or make a new account user. anyone know what to do?

  27. silviu says:

    I tried and it does not work I Vistalizator A window pops up saying this program k is not necessary and can do updates and the updates really was and language pack and go

  28. Razvan says:

    where to find patches for limibi .. brother put a download link .. I downloaded the one who sch limbilie but I must Desch patches for languages,,,, where do I find???

    are n00b: D

  29. alexandra says:

    I have a question myself .... where I could find pack'ul for Romanian? I have Windows Vista in Italian and I want to pass it on Romanian ... mi'ati may recommend an address or something? Thanks in advance!

  30. Miha says:

    and why I do not go to download language pack for Romanian? .... the 4 times I've tried ...

  31. Alex M. says:

    I've downloaded the program, is very good but has a small problem. To pack containing English well at the Romanian language translation does not exist in the "Windows Update." When I wanted to update (and that of 3-4 times) in fereatra "Windows Update" not nimic.Singura appears that my solution I found was to restore it to its original language (Italian) I can do to update.Asta the only problem, because the rest is 10 note with some minuses to pack for Romanian. Anyway thanks for the program, after 6 months I managed to understand what I tell my pc :-)

  32. mihai says:

    I've been a German to Romanian vista but can not open all the windows is limited? show me a sec but it opens a window (especially in the control panel)

  33. giculescu says:

    It's great. We passed a Vista Home Premium from German into Romanian. It worked without any problems. Instructions that I found in the archive were more than enough, and links to packages with translation, but instead took the package OpenOffice (Writer) for their reading. Thanks.

  34. marcel says:

    anyone help me? ..... please jtiu not what to do

  35. marcel says:

    So, I give add language opens a window .... where I choose Romanian lb? can not understand

  36. enzo says:

    1000 live years suspended

  37. stefan says:

    za6o go nqma bulgarskiqt ezik kakto vsi4ki bars and kak da instalira trqbva opredelen ezik?

  38. Alex says:

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Five Language Standalone (KB936330).
    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Five Language Standalone version CAN be installed on systems with any of the Following language versions: English (U.S.), French, German, Japanese, or Spanish (Traditional).

    Now I run an XP ... I hope to go this update on my vs vista.
    For those who visit this site I recommend Vistalizator vs 2.01. their official site to find links to any language pack ... made by Microsoft ;)

  39. Alex says:

    I have an idea vista in Spanish ... you can pass it in English?

    PS: a link for package Spanish to English would be ideal.

    Thanks in advance!

  40. Norin says:

    We passed an English Home Premium in Italian.
    I brought the patch for. Romanian.
    Thank you!

  41. marius says:

    not working


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