explore.exe vs explorer.exe (Windows based file vs Virus)


Most PC users know what is and what is explorer.exe - Process integrated Microsoft in operating systems WindowsVital for the functioning of these systems, removing the process inevitably leads to reinstalling Windows - But there are many who did not even know of the existence of that process - see ymvista.com (especially for these users we mention that no explorer.exe can not access Yahoo! Messenger).

Explorer.exe is the process that active desktop a PC or Windows ExplorerSite. Completing this process leads to their closure, if desktop manifested by disappearance of all shortcut icons / icons on the screen (They will appear to restart the process of Task Manager -> File -> New Task (Run ...) -> explorer.exe -> EnterOr after restart). Deleting this process leads to a nice White desktopWithout icons or buttons. Restart does not solve anything, just reinstall.

The location of this process is the folder system C: \ Windows \ System32. If you identify similar files in any folder in the system, then surely it is viruses! This is the case explore.exeWhose name similar to the legitimate process, explorer.exeInduce careless or inexperienced users many into error. For the safety of your system is recommended immediately after detecting that the executable (attention! it is explore.exe!) To delete with a effective antivirus and conduct a thorough scanning system to ensure that it was completely removed.

PS - same problem as explore.exe it up and another file, explorer32.exe - Clear all virus, Trying to copy the names of legitimate system process, explorer.exe, to fool inexperienced users (and not only). We recommend taking the same steps as for explore.exe.


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6 Comments: explore.exe vs explorer.exe (Windows based file vs Virus) #
  1. Aluxian says:

    You have some wrong information. Most programs can be opened without open explorer (eg Y! M). If you delete it you can replace: looking for one on the internet, you get from a friend, I think it is also found on the DVD to install OS's but I doubt it, fix Windows (DVD OS). You do not have any reinstallation. : P

  2. COSMIN Aruxandei says:

    Well, man ... clear up here .. yes how to solve the problem .. I changed my theme ... and says class not registered and crap d'this
    why not say how to solve?? basically why I got the link for that: D
    I would be grateful: D until then ... I have a black desktop with no shortcut and start bar ... AMEN!

  3. Geo says:

    I know, I was pretty risky for homework problem :)).
    But after build 7600, Windows 7 the changed file with visual sources and that's the trouble with so many themes, for it not working unless you change and other images directly pngurile dll.
    I hope to be able to create an installer that automatically get the TrustedInstaller permissions and can change themes, WindowBlinds not only through 60 Ron ... no big deal yes' when you take debts ... you money and that, more convenient as a theme hack pack already ... right? :))
    Would occur even for a crack That program, or enhanced ... * devilish eyes *

  4. Thanks for the explanation. That's the big problem with explorer.exe in fear. Many times it happens to break. I do not recommend anyone to tune their system by modifying explorer.exe. Up to reinstall the system is but a step. That if he knew how to rewrite permission explorer.exe and did not back up the original. :)

  5. Geo says:

    Hmm ... no one can recover a system after deleting explorer.exe.
    Ctrl-Alt-Del for Task Manager starts, then new task, find iexplore.exe (Internet Explorer), Google "original explorer.exe for Windows XP / Vista / 7", find it, download it somewhere.
    Then go through all the task manager run command in the folder where you downloaded the software, copy, go to C: \ Windows (available for x32 and x64) and copy explorer there.
    This is done in case of other types of executable type error "Class not registered" or the likes xff000-sites.
    I've been curious once I install a theme for Windows 7 including a modified explorer.exe. I took the cmd file permissions, I was able to copy the new explorer.exe (making backup Others do old). I closed the process and when to restart bang, "Class not registered".
    I tried with regsvr ExplorerFrame.dll give nothing, for that frame did not have the necessary resources for what was there.
    So I woke up with a black desktop logon ... what to do? Task Manageru saved me, only they can walk in PC which uses explorer.exe for window management ...
    However, it is worth turmoil unless you have a Linux Live CD or installation on your PC, you could boot for easy and do your job.
    I am, yes I was too lazy to get back to rebooting and mess with chameleon bootloader and gksudo nautilus and ....
    I hope not catch it mess anyway ;)).


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