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Because everything starts to head more and more fans and be "default browser" on multiple operating systems (less to me. Has errors), here are some graphical issues Google! Chrome :

Google! Chrome Depth Theme :

Google Chrome Chrome Depth 

Google! Chrome Depth Theme is ideal for those who use Google Chrome Windows Vista cu Windows Aero style, on.

Download :

Google Chrome Vista Black Theme:

google chrome black theme

Google Chrome Black Theme, is perfect for those who want a black skin browser. Theme adapts perfectly operating systems Windows XP si Windows Vista.

Download :

Google Chrome Safari & Leopard Safari Themes:

Google Chreme Safari:

Google Chrome Safari Skin

Google Chrome Safari Leopard:

Google Chrome Safari Leopard

Two themes for Google Chrome, for those who are fans Mac / Safari Browser :) I'm very successful both. Both Chrome Safari Leopard Safari and Chrome.

Download :

Installation Google Chrome skin on Windows Vista si Windows XP.

After download archives themes above and unzip, copy (copy / replace) file "default.dll " the folder:

Windows Vista C: UsersusernameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplication

Windows XPC: Documents and SettingsusernameLocalSettingsAppDataGoogleChromeApplication

Replace "username" with your user name from the operating system. It is advisable to make a backup copy of the file default.dll original.


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10 Comments: Google Chrome Themes - Skins #
  1. Gabriel Popoviciu aurel says:

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  2. Will says:

    one negócio da tela Vermelha TBM aconteceu comigo! Sera que fazer Há alguma form I would próprias skins (algum program)?

  3. hoinar14 says:

    at Sgan: thank you very much ... works perfectly :) nice and easy as we have used these from google: X

  4. Dubious says:

    I still have not managed to change the subject from g chrome browser though this starts to like more and more, how it works but looks incredibly nashpa blue guy!
    What draq credible smarter than the people at google or do not understand why not simplify this thing with costumizarea browser ...?
    I suspect that the people at Google have some agreements with other providers of browsers and therefore they still will probably take them to those in Mozilla Firefox or IE (?)

  5. streamer1000 says:


    Superding ist das ist nicht Beschreibung Zware aber gut it Doll (sorry)

    Habe ich nach bestimmt 2 Stunden lang google chrome ordner gesucht, wo ich muss default.dll ersetzen. Wurde ich mich wenn ich eine sehr freuen detailierte ausführliche Beschreibung und bekommen könnte ... (per email)

    Vielen Dank ...

  6. It very much it worked THANKS DUDES

  7. Dubious says:

    Nope ...: (still does nt work ^
    Mersy I can not help but go ... I give all the red border and distorted but somewhat different than what it was before, so it has some effect ...
    Maybe I did something good?
    Program finished product from you was defaul_new.dll file and I copied it over the original default.dll Google Chrome ..
    I love Google Chrome is a browser that even though has a special limited but his original skin annoys me, that blue s ...
    I like the picture shown here in Black Chrome Theme and I found on the net but others simply fail to install any although I think follow the instructions exactly but the result is always the same, the red border and destroyed and skin niciuncaz wanted ... anyway, I appreciate the help ...
    Esteem and respect

  8. Sgan says:

    For dubious: to update a theme for Google Chrome, use this program:

    PS: Do not forget that the folder where you extracted the program to put the files extracted from the archive and ResHack ( )

    Then the theme file Draghi (default.dll) the first program window, and start the process of updating the theme. Good luck!

  9. stealth says:

    You're right. I have posted many topics and Google Chrome did not specify the exact version of your browser. Being a new browser, there have been many updates and skins are not compatible. Themes above are compatible with the version of Google Chrome that was to download the 8 on October 2008.

    Sorry and thanks for the warning.

  10. Dubious says:

    Do not go!
    I work fishierele default.dll.
    I tried many themes but they destroy my browser giving a red edge outrageously distorted.
    Please help Respect


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