How can we continue a download from the torrent on another PC (Resume Torrent Download)

Perhaps you had to reinstall Windows. Or maybe you started a download to work and want to go home (or vice versa). Or maybe you have noticed that your boyfriend something interesting downloads, but you can not wait for the download to finish. Or you have any other reason you want [...]

btdna.exe (BitTorrent DNA)

btdna.exe was long used BitTorrent client (automatically installed it) as a carrier containing peer-to-peer (peer-to-peer content distribution network). While BitTorrent site was open, visible accelerate this process (in most cases) download and upload speed, but remain open in the system and after the download tasks (after closing the client [...]

Demonoid round. CRIA | 1-2

So far the score between Demonoid (the largest torrent tracker - and CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association) is the 1 2. After a month and a half, provider hosting the BitTorrent tracker has stopped access to the site after a referral CRIA, that officially accused administrators tracker [...]