Working speeds of Firefox, Skype, Chrome and Thunderbird with SpeedyFox 2.0

Programs like Firefox and Thunderbird tend to move more slowly after prolonged use. This is attributed in some measure to the fact that both Firefox, Thunderbird and Chrome, over time information stored in SQLite databases. As these databases grow volume and execution time [...]


Create Backups and Restore Windows Registry Backup selective SMARegisTry

One of the most important databases are Windows registry system, as it stores all configurations that relate to the operation of it. For this reason it is recommended to make regular backups of the registry, especially before making changes before installing the system or certain applications. [...]

Administration Services Windows in Taskbar with ServiceCommander

In a Windows operating system runs many services, whether system or application installed on it, but not all are required at all times. Managing Windows services only through the manager's default can be quite cumbersome, especially for ordinary users who do not have much knowledge about the software [...]

How fast can enable or disable Task Manager in Windows

If you need to open the Task Manager on your computer at work or a computer in a net room or public place (school or library) to stop a suspect process (or not) that block the system or to give a restart Windows Explorer and find that it is off (most likely [...]

How can we add tabs in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Imagine how it would be if the tabs would not be an available feature in any browser and on every web page that I want to visualize only option I have to open a new window (as happens after with 10 or more years). There's a thought [...]

How we can change Windows Experience Index in Windows 7

Whether your PC is a low Windows Experience score and you want to turn off some features of the system because of this, or whether you want to brag to their friends with a score higher than their own without the need to invest in other more powerful computer, now you can change [...]

How we view information stored in files. NFO

Most likely you had the opportunity to meet with a lot of files. Nfo since you started using your computer, especially if you often download on torrent sites (the. Nfo wine usually bundled with downloaded files) . If you've ever wondered what are these files and why they are included [...]

Manage Multiple Desktops in Windows 7 with nSpaces

Multiple desktops are an effective solution for Windows users who tend to clutter their desktop with files or open applications. Using multiple desktops, users can set different priorities for each of them, such as managing social and IM accounts on a desktop, browsers on desktops, editing and managing various [...]

Add Restart Explorer option to Context Menu

Most times, when you register or make changes when using diverese applications / tools for customizing sites operating system for the changes to take effect you must restart the explorer.exe process. Also, when using multiple applications simultaneously, or when the system has made many customization changes through [...]

Customizeza 7 Windows system folders (System Folder Customizer)

System Folder Customizer is a freeware application that allows users to customize 7 Windows system folders (Windows Explorer, Libraries, My Computer, Desktop) by adding shortcuts to various tools Websites of Windows settings and native applications. The System Folder Customizer can add shortcuts to Administrative Tools, Folder Options, Power Options, Program and Features, Taskbar and [...]

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