How to rearrange the order of photos uploaded to your Facebook


When is upload multiple photos at the same time on Facebook, they are arranged according to the default mode name. Once uploaded, contact friends list can see in News Feed only uploaded the first photos of the group, they need access to the entire list of photos to access all the photos [...]

How can you hide your friends list on Facebook


Facebook users, protect privacy was always a priority, which is why regular Facebook updates privacy settings for both personal accounts and for public pages. In some cases, however, constantly changing privacy settings may cause confusion among users, as nemaistiind they can access some of these settings. One of the [...]

How can we rearrange the order of tabs and sections of the sidebar in Facebook Timeline


When Facebook introduced Timeline wall instead of the classic tabs available in the right sidebar under the profile picture (eg Info, Photos, Friends, Notes), have been moved right under the Cover Photo. In addition, their number increased, being added in November tabs such as Music, Movies, Books, Groups, Events etc. Among them, seen in the [...]

How can we use Facebook Chat heads in Chrome


One of the major updates received by mobile application Facebook Messenger was Chat heads, feature which allows users to receive Notifications of new messages and chat with those who send messages even if time were active (or use) other applications . This feature displays upon receiving a new message on [...]

Facebook will improve privacy settings for new users


When a new user creates their account on Facebook, the default settings are public visibility for its posts, which can be viewed by anyone with an account on the social network (or even people who do not have a Facebook account). Or at least this was the case until now because Facebook [...]