How can we disable the automatic running videos in Facebook

In a few days, Facebook has enabled a new way of displaying advertisements in both the web version and in applications for mobile platforms. Although this feature is not yet enabled for all users (and it will gradually DEPLOYMENT) is active for your account if you have noticed that videos posted contact [...]


How can we create chat groups or forward pictures and messages from contacts in Facebook Messenger (Android / iOS)

Recently, Facebook has updated its mobile application Messenger (at least versions for Android and iOS) to feature a number of new and very useful sites for users. Among them, the most important are the ability to create groups to chat (through which you can chat with all members of a group in a single chat window) and the [...]

Add to Favorites Facebook contacts to move them to the top of the chat list

Certainly in your list of friends on Facebook are a few that used to speak often on Messenger. In this case, most likely you will want to add to the group of favorites, this situating them in the top list of chat in Facebook (only for the Facebook mobile applications, not for [...]

How can audio and voice post comments on Facebook (Google Chrome Extension)

Facebook has become in recent years the most common method of communication between Internet users, social network offering users the opportunity to come in contact with friends, family, colleagues, etc.. both through computers, and mobile devices through the. Also, for some time now, Facebook has made available to users and application [...]

Find out how much time you spent on Facebook when you have done account

Recently (4 fabruarie), Facebook has turned 10 years since it was released, and to celebrate this, a new feature for the melancholic, A Look Back, was added to the social network: the ability to create and post a video contains the best moments 20 Facebook users. In tune with [...]

Add Dislike button on Facebook posts (Google Chrome Extension)

Until now, the only concession that Facebook has made to those who have expressed a desire to see the option Dislike for posts (and comments) on the popular social network has been adding a Dislike sticker which they can use only in private conversations on Facebook chat (or mobile application Facebook [...]

Find out who gave Unfriend Facebook to Unfriend Notify for Facebook (Chrome extension)

Even though in recent years have developed many social networks through which users can keep in touch with various friends and acquaintances, the most popular of these is by far Facebook. Unlike other social networking site like Twitter for example, where users do not necessarily have to give Follow those who [...]

Take backup of photos and video clips on Facebook with IDrive

iDrive is an online service which allows users to create online backups for multiple computers and mobile devices using a single account. This service provides users with free accounts 5 GB space to store the backups created and also they have and feature sites such as the possibility of rapid share [...]

Facebook introduces Dislike button, currently only for Messenger

Finally, Facebook has come with a new long-awaited by the users of social networking. While the Like button for statuses, comments and images has made Facebook the most popular social network today, users have often expressed dissatisfaction that they have the possibility to give [...]

Edit photos directly to your Facebook page with Photon (Chrome extension)

Many Facebook users tend to edit their photos before posting them, appealing to various editing applications, simple or complex (Paint.Net, Lightroom or Photoshop). But sometimes happen to want to edit photos already uploaded to Facebook (either by us or other users), and downloading those pictures, choosing publisher, [...]

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