Mozilla giving up modern version of Firefox for Windows 8

After nearly 2 years before Microsoft to launch Windows 8, the Mozilla announced that they had already started work on a version of Firefox with Metro interface, designed specifically to match the new modern interface Windows (and obviously , to be used by Windows RT [...]


18 Firefox is launched with numerous performance improvements (download link included)

Although final 18 Firefox was not officially released yet, and the changelog for the same has not yet been made public, users who want to have a preview of the improvement that has this version can take a look at the changelog for the beta. Among the most important we remember IonMonkey new JavaScript engine that promises [...]

Mozilla ended support for Firefox 3.6! Upgrade to version 12

More than a year ago, exactly on March 21 2011, Mozilla finally released after many beta versions, Firefox 4 final version. And although 4 days ago Mozilla has made available to the public version of the popular browser 12, there are still many users who have not endured to give up [...]

Fix Crash / Error in Mozilla Firefox (Default Manager v2.2 Crash)

I think most users of Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10 have problems with an error immediately after installing the browser. Mozilla Firefox installation package comes with add-on Default Manager (v2.2) (developed by Microsoft), which for security reasons was withdrawn by Microsoft. "Firefox has Determined That the Following add-ons are known to cause stability or [...]

Internet Explorer 9 Preview 4 brought 95 / 100 Acid3 test

A score of 95 / 100 is a stunning performance for the new Internet Explorer 9 (Preview 4). If you test Internet Explorer 8, it will not remove more than 55 / 100 on Acid3 test that measures the performance and compatibility of Internet browsers Web 2.0 according to requirements. From what is known IE 8 head top list [...]

How to avoid resetting the default browser in Windows 7 [Firefox vs. Internet Explorer]

After a recent re-install of Windows 7, I faced one of the peculiarities of the operating system that does not yet met. Ie I set the browser as default some and Windows 7 after each restart, another browser set as default. Of course, it's Firefox (I) and Internet Explorer (Windows 7). Lucuru [...]

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