Fix / Remove WordPress Update Error (An automated WordPress update has failed to complete - please Attempt the update again now.)


WordPress is a blogging and CMS platforms which needs no introduction. Every time you release a new version of WordPress I have not rushed to make update. I waited to see if there are problems with the new version, I watched compatibilities plugins and functions used, and when I decided to go [...]

Disable / Remove IIS Components - Memory Optimization

W2WP.EXE is a process that is part of a greater range of services to IIS. In many cases, this creates problems with RAM and CPU due to high consumption of resources. Who does not use IIS this process the present system does nothing to decrease operating system performance. IIS [...]

Your Digital Life, Anywhere

We found a nice and useful for those who are strolling and should certainly use other than personal computer. A suite of programs that can be installed on USB memory (USB flash drive), iPod or portable hard drive (portable hard drive) to keep the settings, mail, bookmarks and [...]

A night with ...

... Google, I discovered that new services had no idea. There were foreign to me tonight services: Google Notebook, AdSense, Webmaster Central, AdWords, Analytics, Gmail, and I think it would be but I'm sure they are known to most people interested in Web. In the evening [...]