How can we restore the Home Screen to iPhone and iPad default appearance


When you install apps on an iPhone or iPad, it places icons for each (with few exceptions) the home screen of the device, and while it gets crowded and can cause confusion or irritate users. If you and you are in a situation similar to the one described above, you can use the following instructions [...]

How can we disable location information from photos taken with your iPhone


Most iPhone users when setting device for first use, activate and Location Service for Camera App. This means that every time you take a photo with default application for camera, it will record information about your location (GPS EXIF ​​data) such as longitude, latitude and altitude (information that third [...]

How can we see Wi-Fi network passwords stored in iPhone


When using multiple Wi-Fi networks (in different locations) to connect us to the internet on the iPhone of equipment most likely to forget passwords to get at least some of them (considering that once we connect to the network, its password is saved in memory, then plugging it [...]

How can upload photos to Flickr from your iPhone without using any mobile applications


After the update is done after a few weeks, Flickr has grown to be the largest video and photo storage service online, offering all users 1 TB free space (about 500.000 pictures of 6.5 MP). Unfortunately Flickr has mobile applications in place (at least not the one for iOS), their [...]

How to force-quit frozen applications on iPhone or iPad


Even if it is considered to be the most stable mobile OS, iOS sometimes give misfires, such as blocking while running some applications. If you you are in such a situation, when the system stops responding and block the application you are running (or rather, the [...]