Microsoft Office Online applications are now available in Chrome Store

Many Windows users (and others) need to access diverse daily office documents and files (whether they receive from colleagues / friends, or you have to work directly with them). Although many of them have bought the Microsoft Office suite, there are users who prefer to use its free alternatives. Some of these alternatives [...]


Download Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft released Office suite for iPad finally after years of waiting days for users of iOS tablets. The suite contains applications Word, Excel and PowePoint, which is available for both read and to edit. Office applications for iPad are optimized for touch and have a ribbon interface similar to the [...]

How to fix corrupted Word files, Excel or Power Point

Sometimes when we try to open a MS Office file, an error message is displayed to let us know that the file is corrupt and can not be opened. Usually, the files become corrupted due to a faulty transfer (or otherwise interrupt error occurred during downloading or transferring files in the computer on [...]

How do I perform a graph on a chart in Excel 2010

Many of us have at least once to see a graphical presentation in various areas: the evolution of the exchange rate, election results, statistics, etc.. The most popular program is Microsoft Office Excel graphing. The values ​​of a spreadsheet into a chart by rows and columns for the reporting. In the [...]

As a presentation using PowerPoint Templates

If you know exactly what you want to say in the presentation instead of calling the routine AutoContent Wizard can call layout templates that establish slide (Slide). A template or template is a predefined set of formatting offered by PowerPoint application, incorporating various combinations graphics and special effects printing. Under the [...]

Formatting cells in Excel spreadsheets

Layout information from a spreadsheet cells can be modified by using the Format Cells command. When launching this command appears Format Cells dialog box contents vary depending on the selected button in the upper window. The options are: • Number - to change the number format • Alignment - for [...]

Initiation in Microsoft PowerPoint

Each of us received the mail at least once a holiday greeting in the form of PowerPoint presentations. It contains besides well wishes known, and a period-appropriate soundtrack. In the following we present basics about this application and how to make a presentation [...]

How identify elements of a spreadsheet in Excel

In a spreadsheet information is presented in a graphical interface consisting of rows and columns. The columns were attached letters and lines are numbered with. A spreadsheet contains columns and 256 65536 lines. The columns have labels placed on top of the document window, and are denoted by letters (A, B, ..., [...]

Editing Geometric Shapes in Word

Drawing toolbar allows through its buttons, drawing geometrical forms. If you do not activate the Drawing toolbar you can activate by clicking on Tools - Customize Toolbars window activate Drawing check. Buttons Line, Arrow, Rectangle and Oval create simple geometric shapes: line, arrow, rectangle and ellipse. Text Box button allows insertion of [...]

Marking, numbering paragraphs and Multilevel list in Word 2003

A list is a sequence of paragraphs indented from the left edge of the text of the document and numbered (numbered lists - Numbered) or marked by a symbol in the indentation (bulleted lists - Bulleted). These two types of lists are simple lists. A multilevel list (Outline Numbered) is a list of inside [...]

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