Using formulas in Excel cells


Microsoft Office Excel was created specifically for performing numerical calculations. To indicate the calculation program must be written formulas. Formulas are formed, usually of cell addresses, values ​​and mathematical operators. The computations are followed all the algebraic rules: priority operations of multiplication and division, the brackets etc. All formulas are introduced [...]

Formatting cells in Excel spreadsheets


Layout information from a spreadsheet cells can be modified by using the Format Cells command. When launching this command appears Format Cells dialog box contents vary depending on the selected button in the upper window. The options are: • Number - to change the number format • Alignment - for [...]

How identify elements of a spreadsheet in Excel


In a spreadsheet information is presented in a graphical interface consisting of rows and columns. The columns were attached letters and lines are numbered with. A spreadsheet contains columns and 256 65536 lines. The columns have labels placed on top of the document window, and are denoted by letters (A, B, ..., [...]

How do I edit a table in Excel


Many of us needed to run a series of mathematical operations that is repeated several times (an invoice with multiple items, a table with the results of examinations, etc..). In the following we present the main concepts needed to make a table with rows and columns connected [...]

Editing Geometric Shapes in Word


Drawing toolbar allows through its buttons, drawing geometrical forms. If you do not activate the Drawing toolbar you can activate by clicking on Tools - Customize Toolbars window activate Drawing check. Buttons Line, Arrow, Rectangle and Oval create simple geometric shapes: line, arrow, rectangle and ellipse. Text Box button allows insertion of [...]