Automatically delete duplicates in Office Outlook - Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes & Emails


Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 allows a very good organization of contacts, mail and calendar, but who uses Office Outlook extensively, it is almost impossible after a while not to collect messages and contacts duplicates. Accurate Outlook Duplicate Remover (AODR) is a free application that does its job very well when it comes to [...]

Export Contacts, mails, Notes, Tasks & Appointments Office Outlook 2003, 2007 & 2010. Office Add-Ins


A few days ago I needed to export contacts from Microsoft Office 2010 on a Sony-Ericsson with its own operating system. There was little surprise to me to see that in configaratia default, Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 not allow me to export all contacts simultaneously than in. TXT. (Select all contacts> File> Save [...]

Disable Microsoft Office Upload Center 2010 - Systray Icon & MSOSYNC.EXE

Disable Microsoft Office Upload Center 2010 - Systray Icon & MSOSYNC.EXE 2010 After you install Microsoft Office Professional Plus is good to think that all processes and applications suite we installed it useful. Most use Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Office, OneNote and Outlook, but besides basic applications are [...]

Microsoft Office 2010 working without a mouse. Office Keyboard Tips & Shortcuts

If you prefer to keep your hands over the keyboard and mouse will help less than, or if the mouse office has failed and you have a lot of work in Microsoft Office, you should know that using the keyboard you have access to almost all options and commands in Microsoft Office 2010. Compared to suites [...]