Download / Update Firefox v.7.0.1


In not too long ago launched a new version of Mozilla Firefox. New Firefox v.7.0.1 not come with noticeable improvements compared to the previous version, even I would say that they "move" a little harder. In addition, I was able to "impress" with an error (NetworkPrioritizer.jsm: 175) and a series of add-ons (Firefox [...]

Download Firefox Beta 4.0 1 - Soon final version?

I hope the final version will not be a version that really convince me I have to change my default browser. In recent days I try to get reobisnuiesc the Opera browser I have given in-3 4 years ago in favor of the Flock and Firefox. I pulled a little to peek 'FTP site at [...]

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.13 - Security Update

A new version of Mozilla Firefox was released after a few minutes. New version of Firefox 3.0.13 not come with updates or changes visible in the interface. The update to this version, it is strongly recommend to remove some security issues in Firefox 3.0.12, Location bar and SSL indicator spoofing via () on invalid URL [...]