How effectively carried out animated in a slide in PowerPoint


Many times I had the opportunity to attend a presentation of products and services in the trainer used to transmit information in PowerPoint presentations. We present the main steps in the following lines necessary for its elegant presentation in PowerPoint. To create a presentation we first need content that [...]

Indentation and spacing text in Word


Indent a paragraph of text or one way of highlighting the text or paragraph is indentation, that place was, in whole or in part, into the interior, at a certain distance from the edge. Current paragraph indentation (default) or selected paragraphs can be made: with buttons Decrease Indent and Increase Indent [...]

As a presentation using PowerPoint Templates


If you know exactly what you want to say in the presentation instead of calling the routine AutoContent Wizard can call layout templates that establish slide (Slide). A template or template is a predefined set of formatting offered by PowerPoint application, incorporating various combinations graphics and special effects printing. Under the [...]

Formatting cells in Excel spreadsheets


Layout information from a spreadsheet cells can be modified by using the Format Cells command. When launching this command appears Format Cells dialog box contents vary depending on the selected button in the upper window. The options are: • Number - to change the number format • Alignment - for [...]

Initiation in Microsoft PowerPoint


Each of us received the mail at least once a holiday greeting in the form of PowerPoint presentations. It contains besides well wishes known, and a period-appropriate soundtrack. In the following we present basics about this application and how to make a presentation [...]