Save file preview icon Microsoft Office Word & Excel 2010.


Save Thumbnail Previw 2010 Office files (Word & Excel) in Windows 7. Besides the many improvements made by Microsoft Microsoft Office 2010, there is also the possibility to save icons (thumbnails) for Office Word documents and Excel Office. When we quickly looked for Excel or Word document on your PC, along with the name [...]

Microsoft Office 2010 working without a mouse. Office Keyboard Tips & Shortcuts

If you prefer to keep your hands over the keyboard and mouse will help less than, or if the mouse office has failed and you have a lot of work in Microsoft Office, you should know that using the keyboard you have access to almost all options and commands in Microsoft Office 2010. Compared to suites [...]

Download Microsoft Office 2010 & Change / Enter Product Key MS Office 2010

Last released Microsoft Office package, Office 2010 attracts more fans. Compared with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 2003 2007 Office 2010 comes with many changes to the interface and functionality that make our job easier when it comes to working with documents in Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word [...]