Download Windows 7 Black Themes (Windows 7 Customization)

Although it's been over a week since the launch of Windows 8, many Windows users 7 said they will not give up the operating system in favor of the new equipment (primarily due to design changes incurred by it). For them but for all fans of Windows 7 [...]


Download Android Jelly Bean Transformation Pack for Windows 7

A large number of Windows users get bored pretty quickly of the original design of the operating system and tend to make relatively frequent changes in its appearance using either various tweaks and hacks to customize or skin packs that ii completely transform your look from Taskbar icons to applications or folders. The [...]

Windows 7 gets two new themes for Valentine's Day

Microsoft Windows 7 used with regular updates to the operating system themes. Given that up to Valentines are just a few days away, Microsoft suggests those who celebrate this day two themes but subtle theme perfectly symbolizes feelings celebrated: 1. Roses - first proposed theme for [...]

Download New Year Skin Pack for Windows 2012 7

For the new year began (Happy Birthday and many accomplishments in 2012!) And for the beginning of each year shall be celebrated, we propose a skin pack anniversary, namely New Year Skin Pack 2012 to bring a bit of magic monitors the holidays and your New Year 2012 Skin [...]

Download Winter White Theme for Windows 7 (screensaver, wallpapers and cursors included)

Those who miss the snow, we still have not really got to see this year, and sometimes forget that the holidays approach, we recommend to customize their Windows equipped with a special theme for the winter, to bring a little of its magic Crane supplied desktops computers. Our proposed theme for [...]

Download Zune Player Skin Pack for Windows 7 (Windows Customization)

If you are among Windows users 7 who always find something to customize the operating system, or change its theme at least once a month, then surely you will find at least interesting next skin pack, with which you can give your Windows . Interface player Microsoft Zune. Zune Player Skin Pack [...]

Transform Windows 7 in Android (Android Themes / Skins Transformation Pack)

7 Windows is an operating system with a graphical interface very attractive and well planned, but after a while a change of "scenery" can be welcome, especially if you find a theme (Windows 7 Themes) or a graphical interface that satisfy us. For those who are attracted to the interface system [...]

Transform Windows 7 in iOS with iOS Transformation Pack

If you are a user of one or more devices running iOS or just fans of the operating system, and you want to give your Windows a similar look, you can accomplish this using iOS Transformation Pack. iOS Trasformation Pack not only make superficial changes the look of Windows, but totally change the look of it, including boot [...]

Taskbar and Start Menu Transparent / Windows XP & Windows 7 (Download)

I do not know if Windows users 7 would like to make a Start Menu, TaskBar and a more transparent than allow graphic theme Aero (Windows 7 Aero Themes), but certainly there are many people using Windows XP and want to bring something of the style of Windows 7 and Windows Vista on this system. TaskBar application [...]

Angry Birds Rio Movie Windows 7 & Themes Download (Extended :-))

If you are Angry Birds fan and / or Rio Movie 7 these two themes for Windows, Microsoft brand, not how to miss you. Angry Birds Theme Windows 7: Angry Birds Themes Windows 7 contains six wallpapers and sound schemes (Windows Sound Scheme) changed almost completely. It's really funny, the sounds of chickens and [...]

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