GTalk Vs. Yahoo! Messenger 8.1

Lately Yahoo! Messenger, convinced me it was time to use only Google Talk. Three reasons to give up Y! M in favor Gtalk: 1. Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 requires much more system resources than Gtalk. (Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista, requires twice the Y! M 8.1) 2. Y! M 8.1 is [...]

Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 - Security Update

After announcing yesterday solving problems Chat Rooms (Chat Rooms Follow Up), Aunt Sarah Bacon (Product Manager / Yahoo Messenger) came with a security update for the Windows version of Y! M 8.1. new version is recommended for users who have installed Yahoo! Messenger before [...]

Makeover Your Friends Now! YM Avatars

How to lead a life time of retirement (smf!) have enough time to play the computer and test everything that crosses my mind. A reinstall of Windows, soon appears to be imminent. Anyway ... I read the other day on his blog about the new plugin appeared Yahoo! Messenger (Yahoo [...]

I ... bestiality? you ...? , ;)

Putin surprised ... :) Sleepy: internal or external? Lawrence: internal, that sounds better Sleepy: dadaddaa laurentiu: and now back. internal or external, what? Sleepy: bini sounds Sleepy: Sleepy masaju: =)) It's just a continuation of Yahoo! Messsenger my comment here.

Contact Search / Yahoo Messenger

At the top of the Yahoo! Messenger window Lurks year Often overlooked, But handy piece of the interface: the contact search bar. Aptly named, it lets you Quickly find a friend in your contact list and start a conversation with Them, whether it's over IM, email, SMS or voice. And Even if someone's not in [...]