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GTalk Vs. Yahoo! Messenger 8.1

Lately Yahoo! Messenger, convinced me it was time to use only Google Talk. Three reasons to give up Y! M in favor Gtalk: 1. Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 requires much more system resources than Gtalk. (Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista, requires twice the Y! M 8.1) 2. Y! M 8.1 is [...]


Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 - Security Update

After announcing yesterday solving problems Chat Rooms (Chat Rooms Follow Up), Aunt Sarah Bacon (Product Manager / Yahoo Messenger) came with a security update for the Windows version of Y! M 8.1. new version is recommended for users who have installed Yahoo! Messenger before [...]

Makeover Your Friends Now! YM Avatars

How to lead a life time of retirement (smf!) have enough time to play the computer and test everything that crosses my mind. A reinstall of Windows, soon appears to be imminent. Anyway ... I read the other day on his blog about the new plugin appeared Yahoo! Messenger (Yahoo [...]

I ... bestiality? you ...? , ;)

Putin surprised ... :) Sleepy: internal or external? Lawrence: internal, that sounds better Sleepy: dadaddaa laurentiu: and now back. internal or external, what? Sleepy: bini sounds Sleepy: Sleepy masaju: =)) It's just a continuation of Yahoo! Messsenger my comment here.

Contact Search / Yahoo Messenger

At the top of the Yahoo! Messenger window Lurks year Often overlooked, But handy piece of the interface: the contact search bar. Aptly named, it lets you Quickly find a friend in your contact list and start a conversation with Them, whether it's over IM, email, SMS or voice. And Even if someone's not in [...]

Yahoo! Messenger interface style (skin)

I saw the referrer search ( and Awstats) that many people come to my blog by yahoo messenger accessories. Is it the fault domain name: Stealth Settings, Yahoo! Messenger is an option that you can choose who to see you online and who is not in [...]

Yahoo! Messenger - Status

"After long research, I finally found out why brides wedding dress in white: white is the standard color for the household." Okay. And in pink dresses why wedding dresses? : D What color pink symbolize?

Yahoo! Messenger / Maintenance

Monday, May 21 at 7pm Pacific timeTuesday, May 22 at 7pm Pacific Time Via: Yahoo! Messenger Blog / Upcoming maintenance

They shot Strul ...

news @ YM banks. (Ym mass 02: 20 PM) Ciprian: Romania at war with Germany. Bula and Ştrul were in the army. At one time a Roman captain says - Let's shout names that elevate Germans and shot. Said and done. Romanians shout [...]

Yahoo! Web Messenger

In-2 3 days ago Yahoo! launched a beta version of YM! (Yahoo! Messenger) for the web. Yahoo! Messenger for the Web. The idea is super smooth and is made like despite bosses who do not leave the office employees to clamp sites YM!. :-) Web Messenger does not require installation and use for authentication [...]

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