. Htaccess & Apache - Tips, Tricks and Hacks

.htaccess? It is a very popular file webmasters pursuing decentralization defenitiilor Apache (Apache Directive), to apply new / other rules (cache control, mod_rewrite, php flag, custom error pages, redirect, etc.) on a specific directory (usually public_html). Writing general definitions in a .htaccess file located in the root web, has an effect on all directories and files in that tree. Exceptions are subdomains directories that are written in Apache config with default settings. If the .htaccess file does not exist, does not mean that Apache is not controlled. httpd.conf is the file that contains all the necessary directives young people online in a safe and stable, hosted sites.
The threads below, we try to give you some useful definitions to teach some tricks you can do with. Htaccess.
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