Igfxpers.exe (Intel Common User Interface Module)

Igfxpers.exe is responsible for proper system process some additional configuration options NVidia videocard's. This most likely was preinstalled on your system at its purchase and is found in all systems were (obviously) videocarduri Intel NVIDIA. If you do not have such a videocard, then this igfxpers.exe process running in your system is suspicious and recommend it for proper thorough scanning to ensure that it is not infection malware (It is known that viruses, trojanii and other programs malware "Borrow" the name of system processes to trick the user).

Also, if you find two instances of the process running simultaneously in your system, check the veracity of both courts. Igfxpers.exe process is legitimate located in C: \WINDOWS\ System32 \ igfxpers.exe. Any other location finding indicates the existence of an "intruder" in your system

Igfxpers.exe can have entries Registry in folder StartUpTo be started after every reboot. The process is considered safe and is not recommended disabling or deleting it only in cases involving errors or programs malware.