Import large databases (. SQL) changing the upload size limit (2048 KiB) in phpMyAdmin.


When we work with databaseThe most to reach us is , We provide management support bases given eprin web interface. From phpMyAdmin we can make any changes in a database to which we have access. We can add databases, create, delete and edit tables in the database, we can remove or import databases maintained.

In standard configuration (default) function "Import"In phpMyAdminDoes not allow us to do upload in the files larger than 2MB (2,048 KiB). If we import a database of more than 2 MB, then comes error: "You probably tried to upload too large file. Please referer to documentation for ways to workaround this limit. "

phpMyAdmin Upload Big Database SQL

A solution would to compress the database (the. Sql) in one of the formats gzip, bzip2 or zipHowever, if the database file is very large, then certainly no compression to get a file not under 2MB which can be quite important in phpMyAdmin. The only solution is to change the size limit allowed for upload.

File SQL Import

Change Upload / Import Size Limit in phpMyAdmin

Import limit is given by configuration Community, and to change this limit will need to edit the configuration file that responds PHP (php. Machines).

Depending on the system used, php. Machines can be located in "/ etc / php.ini", "/ etc / php5 / apache2 / php.ini" or a different location on . The easiest is to locate him we login to the server (via ) And give the command line "locate php.ini. "After locating the php.ini file, go to edit it.

nano / etc / php.ini

Locate and Edit php.ini file

In php.ini file search and edit these lines:

max_execution_time = 60 , Maximum execution time of each script, in seconds (Dead 30)
max_input_time = 90 , Maximum amount of time each script may spend parsing request date (Dead 60)
memory_limit = 128M , Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (Dead 128mb)
upload_max_filesize = 200M , Maximum allowed size for uploaded files. (Dead 2mb)
post_max_size = 180M , Maximum size of POST data PHP That Will accept.

In our case we set the maximum size of the file to be imported is not more than 180MB. That means you can import via phpMyAdmin database to 180MB.

Change Upload Limit phpMyAdmin
In Pound your needs change the execution time and memory limit being used. If the time set in php.ini are small and very large file is imported, it is possible to give error "time out"Import. For this you will need to change"max_input_time"And"max_execution_time. "This is true for memory limit that must be enhanced if large database. After you make changes using the editor" nano ", press Ctrl + X then "Y"(Yes) and Enter to save the changes.

The last step is to restart .

service httpd restart


/ Etc / init.d / httpd restart

After restart of you can start the import file database.

- Change Import Size Limit in phpMyAdmin.


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14 Comments: Import large databases (. SQL) changing the upload size limit (2048 KiB) in phpMyAdmin. #
  1. Yorum Kalemi says:

    dosyasını php.ini restart cpanelde klasöre Atinc yapmak gerekiyo mu

  2. Micranos says:

    j'ai une exceed one Soucis quand je 95Mo config, it passe en kKio :/
    Yellow-vous une pour le astuce forcer à être en Mo?

    PS: (autre que: mysql-u ton_user-pton_password-D ta_database fichier.sql.) ;)

  3. Phoenix says:

    Scusami, dove do it commando?? Grazie ..

  4. ótimo tutorial, perfeito. parabéns.

  5. Sasha says:

    Спасибо автору помог! -)

  6. Wagner says:

    Ola, para aumentar upload limit é necessário no Tweak Settings Mudar, a series Caminho Main >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings >> PHP

    cPanel PHP max execution time 90 s
    cPanel PHP max POST 100 MB
    cPanel PHP max upload size 100 MB

    Espero ter ajudado.

  7. Gbariel says:

    A database that interrogates the 400 kb 10 times to display a page loading speed affects much of the site?

  8. Jair Deon says:

    Otimo tutorial, ajudou muito! Parabens.

  9. dsKed cristy says:

    Or you can use bigdump :)

    With some settings you solve any problem :)

    • Yes, I saw BigDump before you make those changes in php.ini, but it's easier to change some parameters than to run a script. Especially if dedicated server and have access to everything "moves" on him.
      However for others it can be a better option than the tutorial. Thank you!

  10. dsKed cristy says:

    Or you can use bigdump :)
    It is much easier :)

  11. mmg1818 says:

    how to use phpMyAdmin?


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