Install Internet Modem Huawei E160 (Orange) on Windows 7


Mobile Internetu began to be used increasingly more, and primary providers ofhuawei-e160 mobile (Orange & Vodafone) are fighting in promotions si subscriptions InternetThat of the more appealing.
Those who have made subscriptions Internet Orange and receive a subscription to USB modem Huawei E160Have received modem installation instructions operating systems: Microsoft Windows ® XP Service Pack 2 (32-Bit) Microsoft Windows Service Pack 2000 4 (32-Bit) Microsoft Windows ® Vista (32-Bit) and MAC OS X.
It seems that this modem does not have a soft for PC to be compatible operating systems Microsoft 64-BitAnd the new Windows 7 (Which is very close to launching tests) do not specify anything data sheet modem (Orange - Huawei E160).
For those who use operating systems 64 bits we have currently no solution, but users Windows 7 We have good news.
Huawei E160 go installed on Microsoft Windows 7 32-Bit, if you follow a few steps:

Huawei USB modem software installation E160 (Orange - Internet Everywhere) 7 32-bit Windows

1. Download Internet Everywhere software archive for Windows 32 bit.
- download: Internet Everywhere - Orange

2. Unzip the downloaded Fiser and inside the folder created make click-right pe Setup.exe -> Select "Properties"-> Click on the tab"Compatibility".

3. Arrived in tab Compatibility set as the executable to run with Administrator privileges in compatibility with the operating system Windows Vista. Settings see in the picture below - red border.


4. Double-click on Setup.exe and start the application installation process Internet Everywhere. Is indicated during installation not have the modem connected to PC. After select language where you want to install the application and check that agree to "Terms and Conditions"Begins software installationSite. Arrived at step "Install Hardware", select "You install a device later"& Next.

internet everywhere

5. The last step in the installation of Internet Everywhere will be asked to restart your computer. After rigorous prmiti congratulations. :-) Click on the "Now reboot".


6. After restart, you will appear on the desktop a shortcut "Internet Everywhere" Orange logo icon and very possibly a error message of Internet Everywhere. Ignore the error message and close the application.


Do right-click this shortcut -> Properties -> Compatibility and privileges set as executable Setup.exe (see illustration in step 3).

7. Connect the modem E160 HUAWEI USB to PC, wait a few seconds until the box opens AutoPlay and select Open folder to view files.


8. In the folder that opens, you have four files including executable (. Exe) which must separate set Compatibility of rolling Windows Vista cu Administrator privileges. (See step 3). Files: AutoRunCardDetector, CardDetector, CardDetectorSetup, ModemDeviceSetup.


9. After you finish setting the pace 8. run AutoRunCardDetector and wait until the installation is complete E160 Huawei modem.


Message "The last process CAN A Few Minutes"Is very serious. Huawei modem installation process on Windows 160 E7 may take several minutes.
After this last step, you can connect to the Internet. Double-click the shortcut on the Desktop Internet Everywhere.


Wait for network Orange RO - Orange Internet and press the Log In / Out.

Nice surfing!

Note: Tutorial tested on Windows 7 Build 7000 si Windows 7 Build 7057. 32-bit. This tutorial is made by To help users of Windows operating systems 7 who have purchased a Huawei modem E160 Internet subscription from Orange RO.


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100 Comments: Install Internet Modem Huawei E160 (Orange) on Windows 7 #
  1. day says:

    SLT, j'ai une technologie Huawei orange pliers, mais e3131 them n'existe step driver installation we sur mon PC l'démarre step automatiquement, quelqu'un peut il ou je m'indiquer a lien they trouverais

  2. Quesos Dias says:

    Valeeu, Deus CERTO, Quebra cabeça, mas nao was pelas orientações, remained the operadora mesmo! ;)

  3. Julia says:

    better. the modem light blinks sometimes green and sometimes blue. why? we Huawei e173

  4. Gabriela says:

    Hi, I followed the steps, I was able to install, but when you open it gives me "no connection". And have no connection. I've waited but nothing. What do I do now? Thanks in advance :)

  5. steff says:

    hi, I got up to step 6 to never open AutoPlay window, how do I revive?

  6. Cora says:

    Thanks a lot ..... worked even though I have a Huawei modem
    It 173. With your instructions worked already at step 6 internet. The other day I spent an hour on the phone with an operator Orange and forget everything we did and now I did only following your instructions. Do you think it could be other charges if I installed the modem astel considering that I have is 173 and E160 not?

  7. Irina says:

    Better. I reinstalled Windows XP and after I try to connect to the internet via USB Orange remains the message "Preparing your device". You somehow happened this because before I went normal installation.

  8. Hello,
    I downloaded the latest version of the application, I installed it, but I do not detect 7 64 bit Windows modem you want to install the device. Do you have any solution that could solve the problem?
    Mention that use licensed software and the USB ports have no problem.

  9. David says:

    Datimi to me a site that I get version please

  10. Flipper says:

    To me it's the weirdest thing!

    Before connecting Lite Orange Vodafone had (and it is all Huawei modem). When I first put orange stick is connected automatically with VCM .. Super cool .. . Went well ... ffff response time around 120ms

    I downloaded and installed the front and now I go for him but application response times around 600ms (hence the 5 times heavier).

    Does anyone know what could be the problem???
    Thanks in advance for reply

  11. george says:

    perfect.l stima.merge all I installed on a acer aspire with windows 7520 7 beautiful

  12. Geo says:

    're brother craftsman .. ms info. . Went successfully .. I did not know .. I'm still a beginner at this so I know chetiile steps to follow good luck and health

  13. whitenoise says:


    I tried the model above, but it's not race.
    I have an EeePC Acer Aspire One with Windows Embedded Standard 7. If I set compatibility to Vista splash screen appears on the orange, the gray background, but after this no longer happen. disappears and that's all. If you set the sp3 winxp compatibility, the splash screen appears, loading bar below and orange stg for the actual installer window appears (the one in picture # 2). now the problem starts. I can see only the orange icon and picture of girl. and so remain until the battery ends. I tried with special driver win7, they say ... and with that I appear in front of a bar girl pictures.

    suggestions? something has happened to anyone?

  14. Ionion says:

    Currently still installed :)) 30 expect the min ...

  15. Ady says:

    Sun after the first 6 steps to install and go. If I get sticku bag and connects directly to Internet Everywhere. Thanks for the advice.

  16. oxyg3n says:


    I tried the model above, but it's not race.
    I have an EeePC Acer Aspire One with Windows Embedded Standard 7. If I set compatibility to Vista splash screen appears on the orange, the gray background, but after this no longer happen. disappears and that's all. If you set the sp3 winxp compatibility, the splash screen appears, loading bar below and orange stg for the actual installer window appears (the one in picture # 2). now the problem starts. I can see only the orange icon and picture of girl. and so remain until the battery ends. I tried with special driver win7, they say ... and with that I appear in front of a bar girl pictures.

    suggestions? something has happened to anyone?

  17. mario says:

    to all who say it does not recognize any network. do the following steps-scoate.ti modem from PC. Close the application. Plug the modem. start the application and wait around 2 3 min max. possibly see a place that has lower auto select 2g or 3g. have always been self! takes longer to find the network does not know why. 64 only bit I noticed. Now can someone help me install the ultimate 7 64. So the modem is installed then the application starts normal picture does not appear on buttons etc. see all white and says he could not be executed as a script. and shows an error like you have no net explorer on that white background. it's very strange. I was incerb and I used this 807 version. yahoo: Thanks diamond_fire100

  18. Alina says:

    to CardDetectorSetup and Compatibility ModemDeviceSetup can not change appears gray background and I can not select it to change it

  19. Yeah says:

    He somehow managed to start ... and now says there is no connection, just like Rafy: |

  20. Yeah says:

    I waited longer and just disappeared ... and that's all :)

  21. Yeah says:

    I x7 bit 64 win and fail or how to install it. I followed all the steps up to "The process CAN last a FEW minutes." Where ... wait 20 minutes, and nothing happens. On 7 win 32 bit 1 takes less than minute: |

  22. dorel says:

    I tried the same method on windovs 64 excelent.multumesc bit and go for help

  23. rafy says:

    followed the tutorial and receive eternal message: No connection.

  24. claudia says:

    Well I do not know if the relay has cornu meadow?
    is this true?
    I 3g k AQM before I E

  25. Wizard says:

    Super tutorial. thx and respect from me ;)

  26. tBOP says:


    • stealth says:

      @ TBOP
      This post was Written When the software version compatible with Windows 7 Was not rolled out yet. But Now That version is online and available for download here (And probably in other places Some). The Installation Should Be Done Quickly pretty. Good luck!
      (If There Will Be Further other problems with it, leave a comment and I'll translate the essential steps in English).

  27. Adi says:

    Congratulations! very easy to follow steps, excellent writing!

  28. Alan says:

    Thanks for the advice.

  29. lucian says:

    I Steti those countries ms more

  30. mmmm says:

    I have a question ..... io ji modemu install on Windows NT ji 2000 I see no signal .....
    that I could fc???
    Re wait urgent pls

  31. paul says:

    works well f, f clear explanations, ms!

  32. Bogdan says:

    Hey everyone .... I can also help with modem from Orange mn ka I put Windows 7 and resusesk not install it: ((I can daka jute someone to contact me on id: speedboyspeed

  33. mihana2010 says:

    Thanks a lot, I needed something
    I saw their version for xp 7 on but to me it does not work
    your version has borne fruit and apples well with 3,4 mb \ s

  34. Tasting says:

    I followed all the steps listed in the last step ..... and I do not E occurs Orange - Orange Internet: ((
    What can I do? less ajuto please Thanks in advance

  35. ale says:

    aha mother caught ms

  36. ale says:

    who knows the orange USB net can not be used as a stick that is put music or movies on it?

  37. ionutz-bacau says:

    Stop struggling with modems OF ASTEA.AM had my Vodafone was not NIK.53,6 KBPS. Now working with ROMTELECOM AM 2.0 MBPS. GOOD AND APPLES

  38. In my modem does not recognize ... The other sees computers, but I do not ... from usb not I tried other sticks ... can solve my problem?

  39. Ati says:

    Thanks Up!

    The method works for Win 7 Wari Full x86

  40. CristiLocco says:

    I followed the instructions here and was able to quickly install the modem on Win 7, for which it seems common sense to thank those who have posted these guidelines useful. Bafta.

  41. marius says:

    I 7 on 64 bit windows modemu go?

  42. Dan says:

    if you look good on the orange website you'll see that they put a driver for win 7.

  43. worth trying. Basically it's the same thing. You must run the install files in Vista or XP compatibility, and set "run as administrator".

  44. Alex says:

    Do you think this method would work for a Toshiba G450?

  45. Valentin says:

    You can use fb and internet everywhere

  46. Valentin says:

    huawei_manager_mobile_connect settings

    APN: static
    APN: internet
    Access number: * 99 #
    User and pass them leave empty
    then go to the Advanced button see here and set as follows:
    Dynamic IP Settings
    Autjentification Protocol chap
    Dynamic dns
    Dynamic Wins

    • mario says:

      You're the best. I tried all versions and only your work. mie imi orange nu.multumesc application install modem but he sure goes fceti 7 win 64bit

  47. Alex Milotin says:

    What happens if someone has installed Vista on 64bits.
    From what I understand, it would go modem installed. Is there a patch?

  48. Valentin says:

    I just installed a Huawei E160 win7 x64. should follow the steps described above (I only compatible with XP installed sp3). In addition, you should install "manager huawei mobile connect"

  49. KooKooL says:

    Brilliant. thank you!

    I have a laptop and one X86 X64 and walked none.

    On x64 not work on any windows .... not just Windows 7. I found a forum that a firmware upgrade might work but must be connected to a PC to function. before I could do that.

    If I can make it work and keep you informed x64! :)

  50. Thanks for the information published by you! They helped me a lot!

  51. elena: Call to orange or orange go to a shop. You'll certainly find.
    PS. Dog began to take 3G + signal? Could be used in place of a modem ...

  52. elena says:

    puppy to chew modem from Orange! How prosecutor only got one USB? ast one rasppunns that all pay ab.

  53. [...] USB received from Orange, stuff I brought it to an end with another blog, namely Stealth Settings. Just not found my network. After another couple 10 uninstalling and reinstalling, today I called [...]

  54. Serbian ovi says:

    Thanks for the nice post, I was able to install the modem on an OEM W7. All the best to many!

  55. bendfella says:

    I did restart the PC, I have re-entered the program several times, but still does not work.

  56. Ann says:

    ;) Signal was not the problem. google this site going and nslookup not say no names found. And anyway, it's not the first time it happens, neither the first site inaccessible for days on their connection.

  57. bendfella: Yes to restart your system or Internet Everywhere application. It happens sometimes find no signal first. Close the application and open it again.

  58. Ana Farcas says:

    Many thanks for the article! I have a Huawei jegosii from Orange 220 and invited me to reinstall my computer! I used the same method of installation that article and doing very well.
    Later edit: I just finished installing the modem, I disabled the wireless, I connected the modem, I was preparing to give submit the comment: surprise! On the orange connection is not resolved!

    • Ana:'ll probably be a matter of time. In our not yet intamplta can not access the site on Orange. Finally ... weird happenings in Orange lately. Service quality is lacking.
      Thank you for your comment!

  59. bendfella says:

    I have another problem. Seven use, I installed right after the tutorial but I found no connection, as would have signal.

  60. caty007 says:

    ok! thank you for answers!

  61. caty007 says:

    a!, and you really need antivirus off before? because I've not disabled it .. : P

  62. caty007 says:

    Well windows vista .. wordu is the 2003 so I do not think he has a legatura.tre reinstalz try to give it all for nothing if the compatibilty is not my windows vista: (

    • caty007: no you can not find compatibility for Windows Vista in Windows Vista. The tutorial above is for operating systems Windows 7Not Windows Vista.
      For Windows Vista installation details, refer to the installation manual or looking for documentation on

  63. caty007: I do not think you need to use a professional to take your money for nothing. Go to Control Panel -> "Uninstall a program" and uninstall everything from Orange - Internet Everywere. After uninstall restart and return to give a tutorial above. Follow the steps carefully and work.

    PS. That if you use Windows 7.

  64. caty007 says:

    I actually managed to step 6 pan da rest I did not go k not really appear the same stuff ...: (

  65. caty007 says:

    anyway I'm sure I have not installed ok gotta give call a specialist pan then c do???: (

  66. caty007 says:

    Well it does not work all the time! settings and Windows Vista compatibility is not ..

  67. caty007 says:

    netu still going very bad and give dak Internet goes everywhere so sure I installed something wrong ..

  68. caty007 says:

    FUJITSU SIEMENS AMILO Notebook ke think they give the control panel 3710.Acu Connect to the Internet and go ... it's ok right?

  69. caty007 says:

    brother I could install goes ok so I open the laptop not working again! ... have to do something before it closes? ie I do not want to install modemu d every time I open pan pc ..... now I reinstalled from any 10 times ....

    • caty007: to give normal shutdown (in Windows). From what I understand from you, your operating system does not store the last settings. Often this happens because of shutdows "cold" (ie forced off the button). Use laptop or netbook?

  70. STH says:

    tudistef: Thank you for the information.

  71. tudistef says:

    I would say go and 7 RTM version of Windows without any problem so the work continued growth StealthSettings

  72. Julian says:

    Hello! :) I have a question, if I may, I e270 huawei modem from Orange, do you think would go on Windows 7 64biti? Thanks in advance for response!

  73. Madalina says:

    'll Be most grateful! : D

  74. Cristian says:

    software is Wellphone XT,,, and looked on google ... I'm tired: P ... if I came into possession of a Toshiba G450 (new model from Orange) and make a tutorial for Windows 7 I should be Recognized ;) The problem ... the modem's driver (on interface)

  75. STH says:

    ion: Thank you for the information.

    Cristian: We do tutorials for Huawei modem icon and because we are in their possession. Software for Toshiba G450 not know. Try on

  76. Cristian says:

    Tutorial G450 Toshiba modem from Orange ... Windows 7 (x86 / x64) exist? Thank you!

  77. ion says:

    8 step is enough to set compatibility only autoruncadrdetector.exe.
    or copy all files from the card to the hard drive and remove the read-only attributes.

  78. Stefan says:

    Do not know go on windows XP service pack 3?

  79. Catalin says:

    You are brilliant. Thank you! I went to Windows 7 Build 7100 32 bit

  80. Alin says:

    Thank you.

    He went and Windows 7 Build 7100 32 bit (RC 1).

  81. Dell says:

    Pasul8 for CardDetectorSetup, let it tick compatibility ModemDeviceSetup numa running Windows Vista with administrator privileges, you can tick the first two and they can not tick box is blocked. Can someone help me. Thanks

  82. Arnold says:

    Thanks a lot, I was just thinking if I can find some explanations on the net, but I found the solution. thanks a lot. all the best

  83. Alex says:

    Hello .. thanks a lot and respect for that ..
    I could do this from a friend .. But to me when I entered the Icon 225 USB Autorun is not the ..... What can I do to help him please

  84. BGH says:

    just go! actually the second time he went to me because instead of choosing vista compatibility (singles) I chose XP sp3.
    Thank you!

  85. vali says:

    Going super well.

  86. andrei says:

    Thanks for the article. It went well and build 7100.

  87. filip man says:

    Thanks for. post.
    I had problems installing on Windows XP due to the corruption of the memory card kit internal modem, but the orange link saved me.

    Good luck and Enjoy!


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