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In previous post you said you'd come back with details of new released these days ,  Beta

I looked pretty pessimistic new 9, But after several minutes of testing I have concluded that it would be a possible alternative for users Especially if Mozilla decides to keep in the current version of the form Beta 6.

9 Explorer Beta comes with a number of News si improvements substantial than any other previous version. Load speed and movement menu much better than the , GUI (UI) Looks much better than previous versions and integrates seamlessly and style and especially and compatibility HTML 5.
A very useful feature of those who frequently use certain web addresses, is the ability to put tabs open (a Web address shortcuts) in . To do this it is sufficient to "draw" with the mouse open address IE9Over Taskbar.

 pin web page to taskbar

An interesting thing is color navigation buttons "back" and "forward" Web addresses for shortcuts on the taskbar. This automatically take color faviconSite.

Internet Explorer 9
In addition, if you choose to give "Pin to Taskbar"For Facebook or Twitter, You have direct access to Tweet, Direct Message, Search, Friends, Messages or Events of Jump ListThe shortcut created on the taskbar address. This really is a novelty Internet Browsers.

Jump List - Internet Explorer 9

If news and imbuntatirile brought new Internet Explorer does not have convinced you to keep it between programs installed on your computer or you wait for the final version, you should know that Internet Explorer 9 not uninstall the Control Panel like any ordinary program. To uninstall Internet Explorer 9 Beta will have to follow some very simple steps.

How can we uninstall Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Vista or Windows 7. 

Although it is installed in , 9 to uninstall Internet Explorer Beta as a simple Windows Update (Or more precisely, as uninstall and )

1. > System and Security > Click on Installed Updates under "Windows Update".

installed updates

2. In the list of updates Microsoft Windows do right-click on Windows Internet Explorer 9 and click Uninstall.

Windows IE 9 Uninstall

3. Wait until finish the uninstall process and then restart the computer. Restart Now.


Once uninstalled Internet Explorer 9Our system will automatically return to Internet Explorer 8.

Features & Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta


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19 Comments: Internet Explorer 9 - News and Uninstall #
  1. flory radu says:

    I do not go I login password still not working bag, write u may have logged from a different location that is this / can anyone help me id my dak give thanks flory_radu91

  2. [...] (And critics, of course) from utilizatorilor.Dintre IE9 characteristics specified in this article, remember now just a few: the ability to secure web pages in Taskbar (pinning) tabs [...]

  3. TzaCaNeL says:

    Firefox - the most complex
    Chrome - the easiest
    Opera - the fastest
    IE - the cabbage

    @ Stealth Settings: to uninstall all or only IE9?

  4. Julyan says:

    When you give to uninstall windows update IE9 no risks or genium to receive WGA Windows Windows 7 ultimate example?

  5. radu says:

    great change in IE9,
    change that can not be seen but felt,
    is that working more in the background and uses more resources on the computer hard.
    If the interface can be commented (like it or not, it's your job)
    The basic idea is that IE9 is totally different from IE8.
    IE9 understand html5 and css3 (partial. 2 know that the standards are in the works and browser makers implement standards step by step)
    Well this 2 only, and already is very important.
    comes from working directly with the computer's graphics capabilities (TLS animations and more ...).

    do not want IE9 is much better than its predecessors
    is a new standard

    comparison with other browsers ...
    what to say?
    Microsoft is a monster that moves hard but when the market does

  6. dorel says:

    interesting thing with color back and forward navigation buttons such that they would change color after color favicon does not work on my computer at all.

  7. vicentiu says:

    I take 3 acid and other nonsense. Specifically, increasing access ie you do not? vrajeli not want concrete examples of websites. Why does not IE and mozilla and mozilla making and not IE? Management bookmarks? - Concrete. context menu? - Concrete. launch speed I assure you I open superrepede. . These are texts taken from sites along said stuff because it's so specific field.

  8. dorel says:

    I installed salut.daca ie9 on English and I want to change the Romanian must uninstall it and install version Romanian? thank you.

  9. How to remove IE 8 Acid3? . IE currently I see no 9 not have made it out 100 / 100 :)


  10. Firefox can do many things in IE it is impossible to do. I speak here of various options sicnronizare, developer tools (with add-ons), management favorites / bookmarks, options from the context menu of your browser (right-click on a page) I are more useful ones from Firefox, etc. ... and so on
    In addition ... IE has problems when it comes to speed launch. I have to laugh sometimes I set the "blank page" for new tab, Ctrl + T and the tab shows "Connecting ...". What keeps me dry 2 connecting not understand. IE connects to the "blank page"?

  11. vicentiu says:

    not a classic. I tried sprouts mozilla, chrome, opera, safari ....... simply thanked me ie none. not of those who have used something and not try anything else. mozilla but at least it's very weird. When you ask someone throw you look on the internet know that writing tests. vrajeli. someone gave me to do a test. You bet they say it crashes IE to test it. I came and went whistling. say something? wait. lets say aburelile by x and y that who knows what their interests. look specifically at home do something with it and not go to me ie. you'll see that you will find. people who either do not know settings to tell the messenger, ie is dust.

  12. My dear Vicentiu ... I'm glad to know that there are classics alive ... :)

  13. vicentiu says:

    Internet Explorer is the best. ie8 .. to 9 have worked. varzilla but I cleared much. nor paid him I would not put

  14. It's not fair mouth something to break, but it is a better product than the previous (Internet Explorer 8). For several years using Mozilla Firefox as default browser, but when I look at the beta version of Firefox 4, I realize that we need alternatives. Opera would be the best ... but not Internet Explorer 9 is not ignored, though has many shortcomings.

  15. Bela Gaspar says:

    I do not think they have innovated enough to make a confident and attractive.


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