Internet Explorer 9 - News and Uninstall

In previous post you said you'd come back with details of new released these days ,  Beta

I looked pretty pessimistic new 9, But after several minutes of testing I have concluded that it would be a possible alternative for users Especially if Mozilla decides to keep in the current version of the form Beta 6.

9 Explorer Beta comes with a number of News si improvements substantial than any other previous version. Load speed and movement menu much better than the , GUI (UI) Looks much better than previous versions and integrates seamlessly and style and especially and compatibility HTML 5.
A very useful feature of those who frequently use certain web addresses, is the ability to put tabs open (a Web address shortcuts) in . To do this it is sufficient to "draw" with the mouse open address IE9Over Taskbar.

 pin to taskbar web page

An interesting thing is color navigation buttons "back" and "forward" Web addresses for shortcuts on the taskbar. This automatically take color faviconSite.

Internet Explorer 9
In addition, if you choose to give "Pin to Taskbar"For Facebook or Twitter, You have direct access to Tweet, Direct Message, Search, Friends, Messages or Events of Jump ListThe shortcut created on the taskbar address. This really is a novelty Internet Browsers.

Jump List - Internet Explorer 9

If news and imbuntatirile brought new Internet Explorer does not have convinced you to keep it between programs installed on your computer or you wait for the final version, you should know that Internet Explorer 9 not uninstall the Control Panel like any ordinary program. To uninstall Internet Explorer 9 Beta will have to follow some very simple steps.

How can we uninstall Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Vista or Windows 7. 

Although it is installed in , 9 to uninstall Internet Explorer Beta as a simple Update Windows (Or more precisely, as uninstall and )

1. > System and Security > Click on Installed Updates under "Windows Update ".

updates installed

2. In the list of updates Microsoft Windows do right-click on Windows Internet Explorer 9 and click Uninstall.

Uninstall Windows IE 9

3. Wait until finish the uninstall process and then restart the computer. Restart Now.


Once uninstalled Internet Explorer 9Our system will automatically return to Internet Explorer 8.

Features & Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta