jqs.exe (Java Quick Starter)

Jqs stands for Java Quick StarterAnd the process belongs Sun Microsistems (Java). jqs.exe help improve time startup Java applications and extensions of periodically introducing memory files Java Runtime Enviroment.
While consuming fewer resources (1,5MB RAM and virtual memory 2MB) jqs.exe is the most useless (for faster startup of Java applications support, meet once per week / month, it makes sense to run the process in the background all time), so recommend disabling process. System performance will not increase significantly, but will release a memory :)

How can disable jqs.exe process

  • enter Control Panel and double-click on Java
  • in Java Control Panel Click on tab AdvancedThen the entry Miscellaneous and uncheck Java Quick Starter.

jqs.exe will be disabled.

Note: If you notice in Task Manager as jqs.exe consume more resources, we recommend conducting a thorough system scans to determine if it is a virus/trojan/ Spyware or error / software incompatibility.