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Naivety and stupidity of some is hard to imagine. One imagines that a search on Google! can learn the password list Yahoo! . Good ...

Saturday, 02.06.2007 12: 33: 30 86.34. **. 189 password list yahoo

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  1. robert says:

    my id robert.pescaru79

  2. ionut says:

    I know Sami meo password and give the baronuliviu

  3. Glade says:

    My idu it raris.flavia_20: *: *: *: *: *: *: *: X: X: X: X: X: X

  4. anca says:

    it's stupid not to be never google account passwords to others only with money

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  6. claudiu says:

    My idul viperaveninoasa

  7. laura says:

    are credited

  8. Laura says:

    hello! be careful: PLEASE give me a password and ID MESSSSSSSS!!! 1 .. so I need my old password back and still others find you too ... will zik trick but first test it if I ka 's tricks and I give password and id? zik if you go and dunt 100% sure it works! P + I = F

  9. morena27 says:

    better! to resume long ago I locked my yahoo contu and I do not remember any questions "secret." can someone help me ¿¿¿¿¿please more

  10. rarinca viorel says:

    this is stupid apple and I happened to me ........ so do not believe all this crap

  11. mugurel says:

    please tell me how do I retrieve my pass k I had viruses on tracing and took and messenger id's on mugurel_j4u

  12. Ade says:

    Bad reasons that I have no intention that I forgot the password to mess: D
    And as Michael aropomai program called?

  13. diana says:

    odd not to believe any time that things are not true

  14. anaira says:

    Why believe in that crap? 9 years and I do not think!! Children CREDULY!!

    Amaia not Seen NiCiOdTa children so!

  15. Lollytza says:

    bathrooms how can you believe in programs like that is a matter of hacker cracking passwords

    • mamaleone says:

      yes, and hackers do it with some very powerful decryption programs, as well as the police. is the only way to be undetected!

  16. mamaleone says:

    programs exist to break passwords mail, but not on the net simply because mail password breaking is a crime (violation of the secrecy of correspondence). practice is like listening unauthorized phone calls! ensure that programs exist! and may use other methods, not just software!

  17. niko says:

    I am a id password is urgently find me on id eszter_dan

  18. mihai says:

    ba to know there are programs on the web give Dynasty rare fff I asked him one and my victim and I am only id without password to bag mine and dedicated for those who say that there is no such cva "

  19. pwp says:

    hear you st .. nush as drink head hurts
    not something is legal
    if the police find you the drecu flip ...
    Now is not a program that's yours on another site I earlier DTA dc gotta give our password to one was on the other ....
    ms that answer??

    • stealth says:

      any alleged claims program that can help others passwords are asking you to enter your passwords is fake software! if you write passwords in such programs will wake up with blocked accounts. In addition, if you think "illegal" to give your password it is on the other, know that it is illegal and you want to know password of an account that is not yours!

  20. simplutz.baiat says:

    cn wants and has good pleasure to help me: -? plss'm desperate: (

  21. simplutz.baiat says:

    I had an id which took only viruses from the computer and go as they do to get my id?

    • daria says:

      the sight poi id or melgi to icneva to see em go yeah to that id or password you told him who you and you broke it

  22. just me says:

    Hi! while trying to make my id and I can not allow because the password every word it says ... no one is accepted, not realizing the ce.daca have any ideas please feel enlightened and me, because I do not can nerves!

    • daria says:

      May the password you have you can ask someone else has another country digit county name letters is not nikk

  23. cristian says:

    there is something to know you add contact tec_ady virus and destroy your calculatoru NOT TRY ;) I'm just announced to NOT take stake!.

  24. yoanna says:

    a friend told me that there might be special chip when you put your computer and select the ID you want to know the password, you instantly give the password of the ID. Also it really ezista chip??????

    • stealth says:

      Yes, there is, as there is identification chips in pets. only does it put on the computer, but must wear it those who want to learn messenger passwords ... :/

  25. Enter your name ... says:

    exixta not cracked programs yahoo passwords, I tried one year to send your password to the victim antrun mail, so leave broken at Lisa passwords should keep voase

  26. alex says:

    mdaaa there is something even more with a program that you can access the victim's computer and controla.cei to know :)) I right??? with something you do not need to crack passwords, you can hold yo ... anyway ... I can not find my password that I forgot a nice ha :))

  27. says:

    I do not think that there is but fine

  28. tomas says:

    Do not rely on dastea as asteas programs made to send your password yahoo messenger if you do not believe me I read on another site now

  29. ovidiu95 says:

    baa no program to crack passwords that

  30. how the hell do ba brothers Sami aflur password

  31. Elys says:

    What rody id spat with his day by the there day to mail shy to schymbare password: d understand :))

  32. Loredana says:

    Bhey people manage to believe that this country is full of idiots and do not feel good ..... there is no software to crack passwords or any particular hacking ... someone can crack the password dca questions you know your personal data or increase your safety pins choose one and answer them as you want them ... someone can steal your password tricking you to login to a site to see a picture or a video, etc. ..... nimik otherwise not possible ... just empty words ... greet of dambovita: * and-raw mipare for those with misplaced passwords ;)) :)) =))

  33. baiat_smecher says:

    nam but I know I want a program that a friend of my hill a program they say has broken million passwords and will not give it in every case whether there datimi to me

  34. rody says:

    someone changed my password and id ... personal data and do not know how to May 1 back ....
    little help please ... id is rodicutza_rody I urgently need this address

  35. Ann says:

    there is no such thing ............ "programs cracked passwords" ........... ......... and if not you have to write your id and password and send it lu guy who wants password
    it was only after their experrienta passwords .......................... I lost miam parent id as stupid and ........ I took after my skin facuto ..: P: (:)) :))

  36. denisa says:

    oo the comments ladies are crazy brother passwords if you find something interesting pa different address. eou_blue_angel contact me on id best_emo_girl15 will give you a password toys will go and allow people to see their id is their some of their Nau even care saluatari Suceava greet my colleagues at art college Porumbescu especially Amika my best to gemeralul 10 olivia .. mary ely lu'sabyna pwp andreea chissa and lacry sall lu Legally Blonde careful Ps have Trojan horse viruses

  37. does not matter says:

    How many fools in the country altceva.amintrat looking very curious to see how stupid they thought this thing

  38. maya says:

    ha ha! Who believes in these programs is a fool, because there is no such thing! think if it really would be a great haus on this site!, so I advise you to take your minds at this!

  39. eddy says:

    ladies how much stupidity that exists in romania

  40. bianca says:

    good people, this is the first time you get on this site and read your comments. I have the same problem to yours .. I do not know the id and no password, and no data for that we have made randomly, I do not think I will someday be useful. believe me, look for two-week program broken yahoo passwords, or even change my password which I had before. I talk to a lot of techniques, or whatever they call that no one knew how to help me. I found a trick, if you know your old password from id, you can change .. is simple .. you log eZi Yahoo, in the box where the id, delete it with the delete key, then apesti DEL write the password id, if already written password type ***, selected with the mouse site, press DEL to delete the password box, and write the new password: D

  41. Richie Sambora says:

    I should not pass it, but I just break one thousand password :)) I assure you there! let's see which one thousand breaks my password :)) =))

  42. Richie Sambora says:

    if you have to crack passwords and break programs my id smarter.
    bogdanel.boss @
    I'll come back to comment to say that there ;)

  43. mihai says:

    primarily those who believe there is such a program already good to go to the cemetery and stay there
    If such a program was to be sure that by now was total chaos
    id smash each other
    I broke one ids but ... after I found the answers to security questions
    only then can you break IDs if you're not haeker
    hello all

  44. 2YzzY says:

    fratzilor ..... NO .... only passwords cracked software programs that fool ... YAHOO servers and most programs .. "" to crack passwords "" .... do nothing than to send you your password the maker of the program .... and to awaken that will not go id-u .. =))

  45. Marius says:

    Evil is to be stupid,,, how the hell to put Botu there something ... =))

    Let's face it ... if you think there will never ids were you?? lolz ...

    would break everything ... but mno fraerii boasts that no such thing .. and laugh back voasta stupidity that put bout =))

    if one says the net .. that is the secret of eternal youth think?? DMN's bad to be bad ... =))

  46. Dragutzu says:

    Are you really stupid ba there as a friend give me to find a "program" to crack passwords and had to send his e mail and password idul's and idul "victim" sent ox and now crying after his account. so do not you increddere you will not be hackers and those sites that have done stupid

  47. LuINxxX says:

    my id're yo_piciu_fotbalistu

  48. LuINxxX says:

    please of my soul whom I give the program to crack passwords, one with Ciocanu of the password and break you do anything just to get it!!!!!

  49. razvan says:

    cn's program broke mah passwords to me give it to me

    • all io says:

      I have a hacked passwords program is called HAMMER, if you want to break the password of someone in your list, where it says passwor or password, get hammered and ready, that's all! :)))))

      There are NO prog to crack passwords!

  50. alice says:

    May you be afflicted for you to crack passwords all know that will not help anything anyway it id about each person can be serious as well if DCU you manage to find each id has a perosana me and tell me it will be boyfriend girlfriend so ..... to talk on the same id etc etc has many natural that each one 5 id for each ship so if you understand what makes your dream look that is invented it is time you've kissed

  51. DAIANA says:

    I have one question gives me one thousand shi program cnv it?? channeled id diva_miss_diva and I find there D:

  52. mihnea says:

    ba nb bro how do I send e-mailu I???

  53. garyela says:

    but lam yo I got him so hard k esxista but put all fools into account "" "there qesti deastea" 'and all kinds of lies: - @ k to know there: - @

  54. diana says:

    ba is some who even think there program poi mm hacked passwords looked at this and saw the one that has to break password software license mother still leave me ....... I work with computers and so far I have not heard to advertise the program to break passwords as if it were a claim would not?

  55. emy says:

    Stupid no program d finding password:-j ... and say if you find tiles net programs have viruses and closes your computer: | so do not be stupid and more programs seek dastea @ -) ... I hope you understand

  56. CR @ ZY_BOY says:

    mah I know I do not have that program d broken YM IDs give is licensed, you will not hear that there are k have no idea, of course it does not give anyone k for k lam hardly obtained, it is hard to put hands on a program so valuable, do not hear k there are k there so few who have them

  57. andrei negrea says:


  58. Yulia says:

    please say me the password thanks

  59. Didi (will not say more) says:

    Someone spar password, and now swear everyone in my list is called andrei_valentino13, please, can you help me get rid of it forever! (I tried my password but still manages currency!)

  60. ramona says:

    someone changed my password and id ... personal data and do not know how to May 1 back ....
    little help please ... id is ramo_monik09

  61. iuliana_cristiana08 says:

    bathrooms have black eyes I did not sleep at all last night I tried to find the password to my id fotul times as we did

  62. Costs says:

    God, what a comment!
    I do not think it would be approved crap.

  63. Mario says:

    I want a program to find out your password please be nice not like other least will be good and datimi a program my id: caraimanmario.

  64. alin says:

    I have an id but I put wrong password dak can help me .... yo_fynety .. this id ie

  65. Aryan says:

    if you want to break passwords can not! when you click to download the program, you're a broken password to you not others!, so be careful!

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  67. Sezione says:

    The commu candd I posted one with program we raised over 5oo of suckers =)) how stupid you believe to be

  68. deejayeugen says:

    Yes I know that in Romania this are many suckers ... but when I saw how many, I was stupid. How my p **** there such a program? Well, if there was such a thing was not that when you do need an id to ask you for a password (password) and especially ask you to confirm it:-J! How quickly will ingramaditzi when it comes to do harm. Better than the virus. That will be the losers throat f!

  69. lidia says:

    ask is not Hekari sites that take foreigners taking all

  70. lidia says:

    which give to know your password?

  71. Sezione says:

    mah cousin once understand it's not the shutdown guy from tn ..............................................................................
    is one the best .... I've got a 10 HeKeR the euro: P ......................................................................................
    If you want to give it 5 euro
    that usually found at sezione_2010 mah ...........................

  72. frumusika says:

    who can find me and mia password to this id ... dennysakool_dennygirl??? pls please very much

  73. Augustine says:

    mdea ... mey sezione, you found the program ala the mn sh sh u already advertise :)), off off offf more bn did not I was giving him,: P so at least I found the program from a colleague who's going intradervar sh messu about the team viewer, a little trick but it takes almost a day to find him, but at least worth

  74. eu says:

    how to break password sincu_florin? Please ajutatima

  75. Pogo says:

    aflatimi to me it pogo_nicolita16 id password from you to my email password trm to me that pretty please so much that I often tried to find out 3 thousand years did not know the password please someone schimbato beautiful again

  76. alex says:

    I want the password to dulcecamierea96

  77. blondu says:

    I want to know the password to this id-u and aluminum alexboss_90 this terrorgirl92 beg

  78. danutz says:

    I find the id dani99_ro

  79. danutz says:

    datim to me id password silviu_boss895

  80. danutz says:

    the Aidi silviu_boss895

  81. Sezione says:

    id join sezione_2010 even there .............................. vb will help you with a program for free .................... .......................

  82. monika says:

    maybe I can find the password please contact monika_pin2010

  83. monika says:

    to help me retrieve my yahoo messenger password????

  84. Ramona says:

    I know I sa.mi id password ingerasul.tau57
    I find it id cryssy_popushik

  85. stefan says:

    I know my password myself id: crystiana_marefinete

  86. anq says:

    :)) :)) :)) Not to ask mah passwords do not know what id :)) :)) :)) :))) :)) :)) =)) nmk anyone kno to say :) ) :)) passwords do not break as easy as you think ...

  87. Augustine says:

    my id is un.kopil give your add me if something went wrong ;) sh bn tell you what not, I hope you succeed

  88. Robert says:

    and I ask if I can password on this id plzzzzzz

  89. please find my password to rocklee_rocklee33 plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz more

  90. old woman says:

    find me and id djbabey_djbabey

  91. old woman says:

    mia was sparse sall get one password and e is laugh at me please ajutatima id is hacked dany_the_best85

  92. Valentin says:

    aflatimi to me plz valentin11aurel id passwords that lauto one thousand Porst and I need plz: ((if you can find contact valy_relu_cs

  93. adriana says:

    I want it id password syle_fm2003

  94. s0nia_skumpik says:

    I want to know is Paroa km to break a id ....... please ..... kre know spunetimi ji mie .....

  95. ali says:

    cautatimi to me .......................... seful_elefantilor id password and id gennifer_geny30 please

  96. Atro says:

    I want an ID Haker something: |

  97. bogdan says:

    These passwords that bn

  98. adrian says:

    sal Lomé I would like to know the password to my id b10ndu_87 someone hacked me to fix me I'll buy you a lot of interesting ids are not too many girls id is used more for business

  99. pop says:

    yahoo password may find there is a special person but he means program name. thousand one thousand password recovery even some passwords over and there are many who break passwords got what world you live

  100. good says:

    Some time ago I changed my yahoo password because I was in some bad circumstances and then I forgot it ... can someone help me to find out? I need that id had contact be recunoscator.multumesc

  101. FLORIN says:

    Me how to crack YAHOO passwords MESNGER the SAA does not work

  102. GEORGE says:

    If possible I want PASSWORD PT. Please alex_balasanu more

  103. iftime razvan says:

    we want to know yo password and it id.spoitoru_cytu

  104. nico says:

    cautatimi to me the password to yo_claudiu88

  105. miqa says:

    I can better please? sprge to me the password to this id are dulcika_dulce_maria dak please contact me at mail this thank you: (:)

  106. Tasting says:

    NIME knows the password plz? ........ cn know I found the id cata17_spider

  107. scumpyk says:

    Please nice to know the password to my id euscumpyka, dak manage to help me regain my password I can find the id thanks

  108. alex82 says:

    Please nice if I can recover the password to the email address: .... wait answer alternative email address
    Thanks in advance!

  109. bogdan says:

    I want id password egyedemese

  110. beni says:

    I want to know the password to this id crack passwords if all you know to see you and I say the password mess.: P :)

  111. kykyo says:

    hey can you tell me how I can find the password pls

  112. costy says:

    please find my id password costin_djx please contact me id pls DJX-mix msss

  113. florin says:

    more aflatimi password please id please multttttttttt floringhengeaua98!!!!!!!

  114. Florin says:

    Sami cn can look to me pls id password dscmf_florin

  115. Sezione says:

    dani pls pls 17 11 1993 looking and mn

  116. gaby says:

    I want to break a password but can not .... id CNVA know how to do?

  117. dani says:

    marius team found password if you tio give

  118. dani says:

    birthday ionut me what you have and what year seek SICE months zimi Casati password, so I did that and I gasito

  119. Sezione says:

    pls please find yourself a password id, mihaitza_yahim "was all my id pls give Tampa schimbato there had IDs from friends abroad and can not get them pls id information sezione_2010

  120. loredana says:

    cautatimi to me my password plzzz my id is lorry_miha2000 took me one who has id dodo_98

  121. anq says:

    mah ... it's not clear to you yet there is no such k program ... to crack passwords ....

  122. marius says:

    not know dc not mess my apple id cv will break pote mio password

  123. marius says:

    yo scumpelu_23 are password will roggg

  124. marius says:

    Please if you are serious people and will keep the word aflati'mi password id: yo scumpelu_23

  125. carina says:

    yoo want and id's flori_bloom2008

  126. diana says:

    I want to find my password to me at id: whyte_angel_15 and dak contactatima find me at id: madalina_dragutz08

  127. angela says:

    more please help me find my password to ghitzamihaly and from liliana.mihali please many I need for that evil spirits have broken my password and I want to find again mio you as soon rg ajutatima can expect response

  128. Vladimir says:

    I was stolen password ..... my ID is fl0ryn_01 mess ..... I need the password please nice if some of you may mio inapoieza to do .... PLEASE muulti all! TRimitetio on my email please if anyone can help me find ... ms moolt!

  129. Vandam says:

    Tell to me please? like to break a password plz plz plz from id plz

  130. robert says:

    Please can you look to me than watching id password

  131. Alan Csurka says:

    please recover my password mio csurka_liviu and send by email
    thank you from the heart if someone recover mio

  132. maryus says:

    I forgot my password and personal data on id marius_marius_just4u May last letter I remember it was ....... emc but only know the beginning and I can advise me to find all password?

  133. antonio says:

    Learn to Roog id password ghitu_steaua92
    and learn to Roog and password to this id deniii_22

    Contact me at

  134. andreyutza says:

    pretty please find my password to me at this id: dev_rsu, as soon as possible! you can find me here: deyutz_crilar_96

  135. george says:

    I want to know the password to this idu orlando_fita_fitelor

  136. alex says:

    sami please find me password and conctati to this ad abdulov_mihaita

  137. adelin says:

    Please no crack password from id pls need bucuralexandra99 great!

  138. csurka_liviu says:

    thank you very much if someone helps me

  139. csurka_liviu says:

    mio someone recover

  140. csurka_liviu says:

    Who can recover the password to my id csurka_liviu

  141. alex says:

    Please frumops dak are password HDI: HDI k lucy_cobra31 contact me that her friend who was hacked and password was changed ..... I will pray muuuultttt important IDs

  142. alex says:

    rogdaca will be able to find my password to me idu: lucy_cobra31 .... please more if you manage contactatima on id: deejay_alexunder

  143. sweet says:

    please find my password to alex_csd id or id alexandru Gribincea please muuuult all ....................

  144. ionut says:

    aflatimi to me please the password from id: roxy.puffy

  145. oz says:

    Dust the site

  146. maria lupu says:

    wholeheartedly please give me the password please id ana_kid17 beautiful and I can wholeheartedly contacts at id adela_inimioara but please give me a password 9 months I searched a site but I think that I trust so I just want the password to one that the ID written above, I pretty please please pretty pretty please please please pretty please pretty nice I trust you but please please? nice nice please please please pretty pretty pretty please please please pretty please pretty pretty pretty please please please pretty please pretty pretty pretty please please please pretty please pretty pretty pretty please will kindly and heartily Please wholeheartedly beautiful and password that you seek but fail but I trust you will kindly please pretty please? trust in you I trust you I trust you I trust you I trust you

  147. luisa says:

    I want to idul anamarya95 password

  148. Lucia says:

    Please ajutatima and me with a password to the yahoo mes barbulescusimonalucia. bsimonalucia.Multumesc I can find to add more

  149. costelus says:

    please find my messenger id password andreyc28 .... thank you

  150. claudia says:

    please find the id's password or 3 minute boanca_adriana now connected adeluta1scumpica id nice if you can please me and me tr ala schedule or how to download

  151. abdul says:

    I lu id password fratemeo intro cosmin1234514 hour if possible

  152. radu says:

    please find the password to anyra_04
    contact by yahoo messenger id radu_friendly or udroiuradu

  153. jeffhardy says:

    please find the password to this id: yustina97 plizzz more please!!!!!

  154. ionut says:

    Please send my password idiul looking to me and if somehow find bossu_ionut96 please contact me on idiul ionutdobrican

  155. Tony-owned bmw m5 says:

    Well I would not recommend him to fol 'programs on the net "to crack passwords
    I would not recommend that you give your password to anyone .... or id-u ...

  156. and says:

    hehe I managed to break passwords I found a program

  157. bumbum says:

    dak so I understand correctly can eventually crack a yahoo password? programs that we find on the net?

  158. Tony-owned bmw m5 says:

    Apple not phase bagatzi not address the already crazy ..... I 8-)

  159. sergiu says:

    out to me that alexandrasmecher_asi bijboacaleo.mi id password you send to mail

  160. zurosky says:

    id password that varog gasitimi if you can find trimitetimi join e-mail to this address roman.adri @

  161. Tony-owned bmw m5 says:

    bagatzi m6_tony_csl shi messenger list will tell him about how it works with ASAT ....
    Do not try to find my password ....
    attempts result in automatic viruses into your PC
    + As you get on the street will not stick vedetzi.> :)
    I will not knock joke you viruseaza PC so tat u. (with trojans:>)
    expect people-who are curious.

  162. Alin Turdean says:

    Ok thanks a lot ... but as I said I tried talking to modify windowsu, but zero chance, I say that they have Vista Ultimate, and does not accept changes, so I can not even install interface in Romanian ... but that's me so thanks to him yet, for messenger using another laptop, and it ok.Multumesc again.

  163. Alin Turdean says:

    I have a great problema.Am Acer laptop with 2Gb / Ram etc super Windovs operating system Vista Black Edition, and I installed yahoo 10 on el.Dar not my webcam work, which is built any more yahoo.In the rest, I only work if I open simplu.Si just did not work even before yahoo 9.Acum thinking to install this program that converts Vista Windovs 7, to see what's wrong intampla.Oare or ... that we no longer know what to incerc.Sper someone help me with something even informatii.Va thanks.

    • I suggest you use a version of "normal" windows 7 or Windows Vista. Packs that turn operating system can lead to errors. Log in yahoo messenger and set driver settings that webcam running.

  164. ceau what you do: D: D: D: D

  165. if you want me to talk to me at my ide : D: D: D: X: - *

  166. davyd_xxxmihai says:

    I know to me it davyd_xxxmihai id password when I was a kid: (: (: (

  167. Tasting says:

    Passwords for all connoisseurs will give you an id with password. "Doina_cryss" and password "Catalina." Try it and use this id will.

  168. marius says:

    There hacked passwords program a friend told cami thousand mes knows the password and neither did I but lam not entered my id so who says there is no such thing is stupid all programs felu now

  169. denisa says:

    recuperati.mi ji mie password on this id pls i need urgent Denisa_cool_girl97: ((
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    For Security Reasons, we Require you to contact Customer Care "

    Of course I contacted "customer care" and told me that I will send a response 48 hours. But unfortunately we have not received any response.
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    There are other ways SUPER trivial that you are not expecting ... you need a little imagination :).
    Program itself to crack passwords, no .... that is the way: put user, click and ready ... you got the password ... NOT!
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  242. [...] Stupid each. All around a single issue: password id yahoo messenger. list-password-yahoo - 171 reached for comment. Post three, four times and lost one of those banners. [...]

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    This account has Been locked temporarily Because of security concerns.

    The lock on your account Approximately 24 Will expire in hours-the lockout period Will Not Attempt to reset each time you sign in while the account is still locked. You CAN try to recover your password again after the lock has expired. See you tomorrow! ................. Then I sent an e-mail to yahoo and meow ZZS
    We have reviewed the information That you have provided verification.
    However, we were unable to match the date of birth That You provided
    That was with the information during registration or Entered When this
    account was last updated. To protect the security and privacy of all
    Accounts We are unable to Provide account login or other assistance
    Completely without verifying the account.

    Please resubmit your request, and remember to match the information I
    When you originally it was Entered ESTABLISHED your account, or When You
    Your most recently updated information. We look forward to Assisting
    you with this account information once the verification has APPROPRIATE
    Been received.

    ajutatima please ........... a good day

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    thuamne so [spoken omeneask largest mia not see .... I was given nati k made in your life or dak Informatik you did not think you were paying attention to detail k
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    STEP 3-In the subject line type exactly: password retrieve
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    3. If the "victim" is a person known, one can guess the password based on knowledge about it! That if you luck: D
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  627. Octavian says:

    Bathrooms I really do not understand how you can forget about passwords on IDs. I am not happened and never will happen to me. Write yourself on paper and keep it in your wallet in case you forget. (So ​​do I, but I remember them all anyway). Scz if I upset. : *: D

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    2 passwords from yahoo can find using viruses, some viruses.
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  665. [...] Tin two days in "moderate" comments of a hacker vampire (have mail I thought at first to give him "accept" in the post to which left comment and watch how discussions will result in that post. I am convinced that to how much stupidity and naivety I saw in the comments there, Vampire Hacker that would make money. Too nice comment's, not everyone see it. Ok ... comment below will receive accept the post "Yahoo Passwords List" Name: SpargParoleYahoo | E-mail: | IP: | Date: August 9, 2007 [...]

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  671. [...] A simple method that you can lose your Yahoo! account password on trying to find someone else, is to put botu` the indications "hackers" who claim to know how to muddle servers Yahoo !. I found the "moderate comments" under "Yahoo! password list" a comenatariu of a "hacker" that sounds like this: Name: Hacker | E-mail: | IP: [...]

  672. CODATU says:

    Arabella oh mother who think it's wrong to trick him =) & # 41 ;) I know 3 pass break programs give not break anything u =))

  673. Arabella says:

    coffee makers but I have not hacked coffee if you want ...: - * Morning, Morning Yet this time is for you: P

  674. stealth says:

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    Good morning! *

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  677. [...] We know (or they should, to know) as a registered user to one service Yahoo! Inc. has only one password for all services (Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Games, Yahoo! Video, Yahoo! ETC.). In early July, I wrote a post on three occasions in the show hopes to find someone to Yahoo! password list on Google. Normally, a Yahoo! password can not be found on a search engine than if someone just put his ID and password on a public website Yahoo! intentionally. Comments under "yahoo password list" are stupid. [...]

  678. CODATU says:

    Arabella did you get a program that gives you all these on DC + + or ODC give the program messages pass aparatu now broken 3 / 4 days will fool all but that program is bullshit clicking activating a pc virus will act in the and the rest of you ... I think you can tell

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    1.Hackeri are sites lx with keylogger with registration at yahoo mail facade you put the user and pass prsotu go on your yahoo messenger password but get to X
    2.A 2 naive method is that the message you send to the web server user + pass cica yahoo =) defact send your user + pass him that id u =))

  682. Ursan lucian says:

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  683. mario says:

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  684. andreea says:

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  685. CODATU says:

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  686. Turbo says:

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  687. DIABOLINK says: If you want to help you find a password MESS WITH THE GREATEST PLEASURE!! BUT ACCOUNT to be active between someone like that on it .. I CAN NOT recover your forgotten passwords! ;)

  688. CODATU says:

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  689. sava says:

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  690. blue says:

    I urgently need a password person related information I'm interested as I beg important ajutati.este

  691. LORRAINE says:

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  692. Denis Maria Stefanescu says:

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  693. stealth says:

    @ Urgent: want to know which is which? who stole your password or want to know what is the password?
    1. If you know that you can change the password. Yahoo! password change instructions .

    2. Free user password recovery if you can do it on the link below: Recover password Yahoo! ID

  694. urgent says:

    I'm desperate to steal password id jtiu kre ........ I just want it ....... I do not care kum is fake ........ help ....... multumec un-anticipated

  695. mayday says:


    "@ All:
    Who lost his personal password, there is a link on the site to Yahoo! password recovery.

    Comment by stealth - July 22, 2007 @ 11: 51 pm "

    good way dak even want to know password of others and know enough about the individual that you can find password dak bother him a bit ... (I managed to 3 any one person)

  696. stealth says:

    @ All: I will not find here any hack or software to crack passwords of Yahoo. Yahoo! theoretically passwords can be broken in practice can be located by other means (programs) Yahoo! independent.

    Who lost his personal password, there is a link on the site to Yahoo! password recovery.

  697. sava says:

    sal ... who knows hack, and I'd like yahoo account password, provide substantial bonus,, is my email address for contact ...

  698. clerk says:

    I lost my email password. if anyone can help me contact me at functionarcorupt [at]

  699. Denis Maria Stefanescu says:

    So there JTIU what to FC! I searched HUNDREDS OF METHODS P NET to find PASSWORD D MESS!!! I do not know any way! WHY FC! eXSITA server '

  700. madalina says:

    I know id password xpalesul@yahoo.comWho can help me contact me at id md_girl_luv, I just did not know what the password is for k do not want to break passwords to other accounts ... plssss

  701. Michael says:

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  702. stealth says:

    seems like you understood exactly what I said in this post.

  703. chiorpek says:

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  704. radu says:

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