Lsass.exe vs Sasser.exe (Local Security Authority Subsystem Service vs Worm)

Lsass.exe or Local Security Authority Subsystem Service is an integrated process Microsoft in Windows OSResponsible for checking the authenticity Login information the users whenever they want to access the system. Lsass.exe prevents access to personal information by other registered users of the system (or not) this process is rather characterized as a as security. To create a default user is created as a series of files that hold information access it. This information is processed every authentication of that user to determine if it has full access (administrator) Or partial access (restricted user) Or if user access is permanent or temporary. Also lsass.exe and manage password changes made by the user.

Lsass.exe is an important process for the system and does not recommend disabling or uninstalling it. If you have doubts about this process, perform a thorough scan of the system. Identify the location of this process is in the folder C: \Windows\ System32. If this process in other folders located on your hard drive, then surely it is virus, trojan or other program malware. Also, if you find two or more instances of this process running simultaneously, it is likely that the system is infected. Most Popular virus hiding under the name lsass.exe is Sasser.Worm.It exploits vulnerabilities of network ports, Enabling them to third parties to access information and data from infected systems and spreads very quickly even without user intervention. Infection with this virus can be avoided by periodic updating systems.

LA. Lsass.exe is a name used and downloader. It comes bundled with a virus or spyware and is designed to download other programs malware the system.