Maybe This Time


Liza Minnelli - Cabaret - Maybe This Time

Clip from 1972 Oscar-winning film adaptation of Cabaret! The amazing Liza Minnelli sings "Maybe This Time."

* Thanks for the link to "Life is a Cabaret"! ;-)


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8 Comments: Maybe This Time #
  1. Nikole says:

    @ What you ptr it? ^ ^

  2. stealth says:

    @ Nikole: flour melody. I want it: D

  3. Nikole says:

    Castrated castrated me me .. euthanasia .. or if you want me ....

  4. stealth says:

    you're right. there.
    "Changed roles."

  5. sleepyhead ' says:

    My username there, that I know of. ie I have not deleted. I do not know if you ever have the curiosity to check what rights they have.

  6. stealth says:

    I is sick of everything that happens, and I apologize for the position taken me all over this story. I wanted to be neutral, but it seems that I was caught in the middle of several conflicts. The wrong is, as we started talking on blogs about personal issues. Not my style and I do not agree with it. Proof that, it's dark and I'm not going to write something very personal to him. Anyway ... I'm sorry that you have deleted (and) P3 blog. I have nothing to comment. It's your decision.
    On know I was wrong to post "Women's". I'm sorry and apologize. More than that I can not do.

    From now on, all reviews here will be moderated and will not appear on without my permission and / or of another manager here. Probably not many know, that you have been administered I trusted you and you've seen work successfully. I trust you and continue. Whenever you want to make your user and get the same reliable credit.

  7. sleepyhead ' says:

    It may seem pointless, but still owe an apology Andrea, whose only fault is that she is a woman and loves. Do not write my taste. So what?
    I write here because I deleted my blog with 5 minutes too early, ie, fixed before receiving an SMS inspiring. But I will always carry with me, as an invaluable source of inspiration.


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