Memory Dump Files Reader (Download BlueScreen (BSoD) Viewer)


Blue Screen Errors (Blue screen) are critical errorsPresent on all operating systems (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, , si ) That occur more often due to hardware incompatibilities the system. They can be caused by a defective RAM or incompatible, the incompatible drivers of a auxiliary device (Mobile phone, card reader, webcam, etc. ..) connected to the PC, errors of Corrupt DLLs or problems motherboard (Motherboard). The main problems arise due to conflicting drivers or incompatibility of memory. Blue screen displays information about type error, name si its code. These data are very useful for correcting errors and correct the problem. During a BSoD the system is saved a report of physical memory, Containing all the details of the error. This report is saved in minidump ( . Dmp file).
Almost every time we face a error (crash)  (BSoD - Blue Screen of Death), Very short time disappears Blue ScreenWe stop to identify the cause of the problem. A good app to read and analyze error logs (crash memory dump files) After reboot is BlueScreenView.
Application BlueScreenView No installation required () and automatically scans the system looking for files minidump, Displaying the file name, date created, screen blue screen si data error the contents of the file.



Download BlueScreenView v1.31

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3 Comments: Memory Dump Files Reader (Download BlueScreen (BSoD) Viewer) #
  1. polferis says:

    Of course I looked there first! But I found no dmp file and no else tell me of any BSoD. Thanks anyway. But why not show me anything that programel? Has bugs, or what is it?

  2. Search in "Event Viewer" can find something there. Normal would be to keep the reports.

    If you use Windows 7 write in Search box> "Event".

  3. polferis says:

    Hello! I had a BSoD three days ago. I downloaded the software but I did not find anything. I understand that dmp file not found? I would have been very useful to know what was with that BSoD.

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