Michael's password from Yahoo


Date: Saturday, 03.05.2008 19: 06: 21
Bot: www.google.ro
Key phrase: Michael's password from yahoo
Destination: http://stealthsettings.com/lista-par ...
Source: trafic.ro

Search registered trafic.ro , From the series "What confidence have the Romans in Google!? ", Right?

parola lui mihai de la yahoo

He had common sense and intelligence to seek only password Yahoo of Michael, compared with: .

It certainly looked like a character that will entire list of comments (arrived at 300 approved) with complaints like "please help me recover my password yahoo! ", That will one day one smecheras that I recommend a"program hacked passwords Yahoo!"Or will find on DC + + / odc a program like.

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29 Comments: Mihai password from Yahoo #
  1. fun games says:

    and today I had an entry on my site in search of "password Valentin" .... So I came here :))) anyway ... I know that Google knows about all .... but certainly knows passwords messenger IDs =)))

  2. jessyca says:

    my id ie jessicamaria90

  3. jessyca says:

    I really need to find them ofeliascumpi password

  4. second says:

    please find me some f password to dario_valerian is important, ast.rasp

  5. GM says:

    costin til I regain

  6. Costin says:

    I want to regain my id costyn_boss47

  7. mihaela says:

    id password was send on fitzi_balamuc08 yonela_sik

  8. alexutzu says:

    I and I need my password to se_x_os k `I uitato: (dak 'please help me *

  9. Uninteresting .. says:

    you hardly realize how right you have viorel mother ...

  10. Uninteresting .. says:

    ba can not believe what I see ... children who pray here thinking that there really such a program and hoping ... That will be the program and will be assessed as real haxor :) .... and will terrorize the world with the program tta That =) GL boys and girls ... you are dust :))

  11. Rebel says:

    I putetzi dc Adla password from id ulalinuta.iubitik

  12. viorel says:

    Full of retards ... no matter what it is here, they saw yahoo passwords and start squealing like kids who are illiterate, they want to learn and they yahoo passwords. I think that the nation does not have any chance with individuals like that ... that they'll grow up and become prisoners or curve

  13. Luke says:

    stole my password how do you know? id is van_diezel78

  14. ionut says:

    and it's so easy to break a password that stupid lady did not know you ..........!!!!!!!! you on the net to break a password although I would like to know the password lu cnv

  15. denisa says:

    I want to break your password

  16. costi says:

    I am domnisoara_disponibila password please

  17. bellicose says:

    find your life ... you will not find passwords again: - <

  18. mihaela says:

    I am trebor0303 id password pls: *

  19. oz says:

    mircea .. That's not to recover archives .. is that others see records without knowing the password .. adik steal. rapaitu, thanks .. p-that we have already

  20. mircea says:

    hello! I want programelul yahoo message archive that called for recovery archives. me who help me? thank you!

  21. rapazitu says:

    @ Oz has a program called yahoo yahoo message archive, or something that I think can help ..

  22. oz says:

    better. I want what everyone wants: a program to help me to recover ARCHIVES abc@yahoo.comBut I know and password. What can I use? Thanks

  23. dany says:

    sal that I can help me sami get your id pay any id is PERICOL_PUBLIC_FANTASTIKU that I help me?

  24. yo_maria2004 says:

    to crack the password of this id

  25. lori foghis says:

    datimi urgent response idiu lory_foghis

  26. Uila says:

    So ... dume over dume. From yahoo that is not the finest pcelea allow someone to enter their database and "steal" passwords ... come on ...

  27. VALY says:

    id iulia_iulli92 find the password my friend thanks a lot you Rogge and trimitemio on lupei_valentin thanks bro!

  28. luciian says:

    bha datymi to me that to crack passwords of Siete I give urget

  29. daniel ivan says:

    I giving meaning, sense my password


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