Solving BSOD error in Windows Vista SP2 - (STOP: 0 × 0000000A)


Users who have used for years Windows XP knew SP2 is the best. Having worked on Windows XP SP2 and passed to Windows Vista rushed to install the SP2 (package updates for Windows Vista. As Windows XP nothing like Windows VistaNor SP2 from the Vista does not resemble the one in XP (and here I refer to performance).

An error (Blue Screen) common operating systems Windows Vista SP2 is:

STOP: 0 × 0000000A (parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, parameter4) IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

To resolve this error stressful Microsoft provides a hotfix that you have to download it from the official site

Download HotFix to resolve the error STOP: 0 × 0000000A - download link -

If you handle this "tool" provided by MicrosoftPlease leave us your comments.


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16 Comments: Solving BSOD error in Windows Vista SP2 - (STOP: 0 × 0000000A) #
  1. yonutz says:

    add me to id yonutz_fynutzu2011 who can help me plss help mee: ((

  2. yonutz says:

    Salutt I am very distressing problem 2 not know what to fk me .... in 20 in 20 min I see blue screen [blue screen "and when exp nett opens google .. I blocked sh shut me from min to min not know what to do to get rid of these problems ... x_X NPP mne plsss help me and I tried sh mee Helppi other brawsere exp: Google Chrome or Opera, Mozilla ... I just do

  3. Alecqu says:

    oh I crazy with this error ... there is actually no solution?
    formates nor bag nor other windows ... anything I do gives me this error

  4. Stalo says:

    hello, I gives me an error and I searched the net 0x000..5C yes I have not found anything. before I had xp sp2 and now I want to install Vista Ultimate. and m`am stuck in this error. Does anyone know the deal with eraoarea care`i this?

  5. alex says:

    and where to put Hotfix trb after you take?
    May I say to me

  6. nemesiss says:

    hello I have a pc intel dual core pentin d 3gh and gave me BSOD error and I do not go to format it gives me error STOP: 0 × 0000000A and have Vista Ultimate

  7. alexis says:

    I have the same problem with the blue screen of Deth (BSOD) said meow connect pc to reformat as other unidentified virus is said meow meow is said to k other video card to reformat pc and resolve I do not know what to think im Can you give some advice plz?

  8. Floribella says:

    Thanks adyeu, I reinstalled windows but disappeared mia drive D:, and I understand that there is a program that can restore disc Sami. I installed antivirus, antivirus advise me how to be the best .... ;)

  9. adyeu says:

    This is from a driver, software, antivirus wrong. Give yourself a system restore something, or put the vista cd and give the repair system and you see the result is simple, and you kill brain! ;)

  10. Floribella says:

    how to fix blue screen appears when I write my erroare something about disable or uninstall anti-virus, they can not do the steps for entering the program was not able to work with it ...?

  11. danutz says:

    I can not undo it. says something fails. how to do?

  12. adrian says:

    give me some advice to me please: (: (: (: (

  13. adrian says:

    pfffffffffffffff are unable to download this program even better ... you have a link where u can download it from Microsoft as these are ffffff heavy, so many questions

  14. adrian says:

    I have a laptop and I do exactly the same as I do not erory gives me more when I do go out alone and albatru screen .... the une times I wash something like IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL sometimes MEMORY_MANANGEMENT BAD_POOL_HEADER sometimes and sometimes I do not write anything just imegine simply closes the blue that I see on the screen ... I bought a new hard and changed lam thinking that I do so due to not so hard but I do and I say ... call me a dsperat sp and advice please ....

  15. Lawrence says:

    I have an asus laptop with XP and you install or uninstall any more complex program gives me error "blue screen STOP: 00000000
    In the best case and the expected restart 2 min after start, but often gives me error "something like 32 system, corrupt or missing.

    I was in warranty laptop, but nothing helped

    Is there a solution, or something hardware incompatible?



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