Run Android (apk) in Windows with BlueStacks

Whether planning but are not yet committed to buying a device cu AndroidOr that you just want to test some Android or whether you prefer to play Android Games a little more generous than the screen mobile phone, BlueStacks is the ideal solution to run any application developed for Android OS (Ending . Apk) Directly computer supplied with Windows installed.

BlueStack Desktop Gadget

BlueStacks is a application Windows Free, By means of which users Windows Android applications can run just by a simple Switch between operating systems (not necessary to restart the computer). It comes with 10 preinstalled applications and provides users the ability to download free applications to 26 of Android Market using browser default of Windows.


To run an application opens BlueStacks Android (after installation, the "place" an icon in system tray a widget top right corner of the desktop) and click on the desired application (it will open in full screen).

Android Race Games 

To download and other Android applications click on Get More Apps in BlueStacks (requires an account Facebook access to applications).

BlueStacks Apps - Android Games & Apps

To close application BlueStacks data right-click icon in the systray and select Quit.

Download BlueStacks App Player (alpha version)

Note: The application is compatible only with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit).